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Antonio Brown is accused of sexually harassing a hotel guest in a Dubai swimming pool. The ex-NFL bad boy was caught on cell phone video harassing a woman in the pool at the swanky Armani Dubai hotel on May 14.

The video footage, obtained by the NY Post, was published Friday, Sept. 30.


The video shows the wide receiver naked in the pool while fondling and harassing a woman who laughs throughout the encounter.

At one point, Brown lifted the woman in the air and threw her in the water. As she quickly swam away, Brown exposed himself to her and others in the pool.

Witnesses say Brown, 34, had just met the woman and that she was "fuming" after the incident.

The NFL free agent famously quit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of a game last season.

The video and screenshots are too graphic for this family-oriented blog. They can be viewed at The NY Post.

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Brad Stevens, president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics, called out Twitter users for misidentifying Ime Udoka's workplace fling.

The Celtics announced Udoka's year-long suspension on Thursday after an emergency closed-door meeting that lasted several hours.
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The Celtics launched an investigation in July after the woman complained that he made "unwanted comments" toward her and he was harassing her.

Speculation ran rampant as amateur sleuths on Twitter scoured the Celtics' website and LinkedIn pages in search of the unidentified female staffer.

After photos of Allison Feaster, VP of Player Development, went viral on Thursday, ESPN writer Marc J. Spears shut down the speculation in a tweet.

Finally, Celtics president Brad Stevens had enough. He called the speculation "rampant bullish-t"

"We have a lot of talented women in our organization and I thought yesterday was really hard on them," he said in a press conference on Friday. "Nobody can control Twitter speculation and rampant bulls–t. But, I do think that we as an organization have a responsibility to make sure we're there to support them now, because a lot of people were dragged unfairly into that."

He added that he thought it was important to address the rampant and incorrect speculation on Twitter.

Stevens was head coach of the Celtics before being promoted to president of basketball operations.

Watch the video below.

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Ricky Martin's 21-year-old nephew dismissed his order of protection after accusing his famous uncle of incest and harassment.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ that a judge dismissed the restraining order because the nephew withdrew his claim in Puerto Rico.

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Ricky appeared at the hearing via Zoom on Thursday. His legal team tells TMZ, "Just as we had anticipated, the temporary protection order was not extended by the court. The accuser confirmed to the court that his decision to dismiss the matter was his alone, without any outside influence or pressure."

The team continued, "And the accuser confirmed he was satisfied with his legal representation in the matter. The request came from the accuser asking to dismiss the case. This was never anything more than a troubled individual making false allegations with absolutely nothing to substantiate them. We are glad that our client saw justice done and can now move forward with his life and his career."

Previously, authorities in Puerto Rico charged the 50-year-old singer/actor with incest and domestic violence against his nephew.

Martin faced 50 years in prison if convicted of incest under Puerto Rico law.

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Earlier this year, a grand jury declined to indict Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson on sexual misconduct and harassment charges.

But his legal troubles aren't over yet.

He still faces 22 civil lawsuits by massage therapists, who allege sexual harassment and assault during massage therapy sessions.

Watson, 26, has been sitting for depositions in the many civil lawsuits filed against him. He also met with NFL executives who heard him admit that he made massage therapist Ashley Solis cry when he exposed himself during a massage session.

He also admitted to sending an apology text to Solis afterwards, according to her attorney, Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee said in the lawsuit that Watson exposed himself to Solis and purposely touched her with his penis after a massage. He allegedly told her to focus on his groin area during the massage. His actions made her cry and she abruptly ended the session.

Afterward, Watson sent a text to Solis, which is part of the lawsuit.

"Sorry about you feeling uncomfortable. Never were the intentions. [Let me know] if you want to work in the future. My apologies."

Solis was the first of 22 women to file a lawsuit against Watson alleging sexual misconduct during massage sessions in her home from early 2020 to 2021.

"I replay the incident over and over in my head as if I'm trying to wake up from some horrible nightmare, only this nightmare is real," Solis said during a press briefing in April 2021.

"I feel a range of emotions, guilt, embarrassment, shame, courage, anger, sadness and numbness. Some days I feel like a hero. Other days I feel like a failure."

Watson reportedly contacted Solis through Instagram to arrange private massage sessions in her home.

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Actor Fred Savage was fired as director of ABC's "The Wonder Years" reboot for inappropriate behavior on the set.

The news was announced in a statement by a spokesperson for Disney-owned 20th Television, according to Variety.

The statement reads:

"Recently, we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage, and as is policy, an investigation was launched. Upon its completion, the decision as made to terminate his employment as an executive producer and director of "The Wonder Years."

This is not the first time Savage was accused of sexual harassment. In 1993, a costume designer for "Wonder Years" named Monique Long accused the then-teenager of being inappropriate.

PEOPLE reported that Long said Savage repeatedly told her, "Oh, Monique, I'm so in love with you. Please have an affair with me."

She said he asked her out on a date and repeatedly tried to hold her hand.

Another wardrobe team member Younjoo Hwang alleged "an extremely hostile work environment" created by Savage, who's "aggressive behavior, intimidation, and constant use of profanities" toward female employees were left unchecked.

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Actress Alley Mills, who played Savage's mother on "Wonder Years", told Yahoo Entertainment that the series was cancelled in 1993 because of a "completely ridiculous" lawsuit.

She described the boyish Savage as "the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the earth."

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A woman claims she was sexually harassed and "virtually gang-raped" in Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Metaverse.

Nina Jane Patel shared her harrowing experience of sexual harassment in a post on

Patel said within 60 seconds of joining Facebook's Metaverse she was "verbally and sexually harassed" by 3-4 male avatars, with male voices, who "virtually gang raped my avatar and took photos."

Patel described her "horrible experience that happened so fast and before I could even think about putting the safety barrier in place. I froze."

"It was surreal. It was a nightmare."

She cautions that virtual reality is designed so the user's mind and body can't differentiate virtual/digital experiences from real.

She says virtual reality simulates the 5 senses — including smell — to give users a realistic experience.

"My experience of sexual harassment was, to say the least, shocking," she wrote.

She was offended by the comments from other Meta users when she shared her experience: "don't choose a female avatar, it's a simple fix.", to "don't be stupid, it wasn't real", and "a pathetic cry for attention".

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Alphonso David has been fired as the president of LGBT+ rights group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) after he refused to step down.

David stubbornly refused to resign after HRC wrapped an investigation into his role as former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's in-house legal counsel.

The investigation determined that David tried to discredit former Gov. Cuomo's sexual harassment accusers.

HRC also determined that David assisted Cuomo to cover up his crimes after he was accused of sexually harassing women.

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David, pictured with "Pose" star Dominique Jackson, insisted he did nothing wrong. He claimed the HRC's investigation "found no wrongdoing on his part."

David, who is openly ghey, took to Twitter on Sunday to proclaim his innocence in a lengthy email. He said he had been asked to resign but refused.

He claimed HRC wanted him to resign because he had become too much of a "distraction."

David said the board chairs were "bullying" him and seeking to "distract us from the truth."

Then on Tuesday, Sept. 7, the board chairs for HRC announced David's termination.

Read David's email below.

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Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned on Tuesday, one week after Attorney General Letitia James' investigation found he "sexually harassed multiple women".

Cuomo's resignation comes a day after the Democrat offered not to seek reelection if the NYS assembly dropped impeachment proceedings. His offer was declined.

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The AG released the findings of her months-long investigation into allegations that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, including his female staffers and a female state trooper.

Two more women came forward on Monday with allegations that Cuomo acted inappropriately toward them.

The results of the investigation were detailed in a public report released on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

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Chicago PD

The attorney general found that the governor "sexually harassed current and former New York state employees by engaging in unwelcome and non-consensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a sexually suggestive nature that created a hostile work environment for women."

Time's Up leader and attorney Roberta Kaplan also resigned in disgrace after she was exposed for her role in discrediting Cuomo's accusers.

Cuomo was heavily criticized for sending elderly Covid-19 patients to nursing homes where thousands of residents died during the pandemic in 2020.

Cuomo's brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, took a week-long unscheduled vacation amid reports that he advised his brother to deny any wrongdoing.

Chris Cuomo is host of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," a news program that regularly covers politics.

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Brianna Hamblin is inspired by the outpouring of love from supporters after she was harassed while setting up to go live at 6 a.m. last month.

Hamblin, a reporter for Spectrum News in Rochester, NY, was setting up for a live report about a local healthy meals program when she was verbally attacked by a homeless man.

Despite not dressing provocatively, and not wearing too much makeup, Hamblin is constantly getting hit on by men while on the job.

She took to to complain that her striking beauty is both a blessing a curse.

"Being hit on and harassed as a woman, especially as a woman reporter out in the field, happens so often you learn how to roll with it or ignore it. This time it happened to be recorded only seconds before my hit. There are A LOT of things wrong with this."

The video went viral and Brianna trended from coast to coast.

In an interview with TODAY, Hamblin said she shared the video on Twitter because she hoped to show people what beautiful female reporters deal with on a daily basis in the field.

She was surprised that so many men reached out to her to apologize for their fellow man's behavior.

"And just as a woman in general. There were so many men that were shocked by (the video)," she said. "There was a lot of comments saying like, 'I can't believe this is still happening 2021.'"

Hamblin said she didn't expect the video to go viral with over 5 million views.

"It is sometimes a wake-up call to people who aren't ... experiencing it," she said. "I was not expecting it to be as widespread as it has been."

Spectrum News temporarily assigned Hamblin to desk duty amid the public backlash to the video.

Now she only covers plum assignments, such as the opening of a golf course or awards ceremonies.

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Hamblin is ecstatic that she no longer has to dress like a librarian or look over her shoulder while working at 6 a.m. in the hood.

She has upgraded her wardrobe and her hairstyles to go along with her raise in salary.

Hamblin has received supportive messages from people around the world. She is pictured below with her longtime boyfriend Aaron Sanders.

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On Thursday, she tweeted:

"This city and the surrounding area has so much to offer. I’ve been welcomed with open arms by so many people here. I'm grateful and feel blessed. Can't wait to continue to tell your stories Rochester."

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo refuses to step down after a New York attorney general's investigation determined he "sexually harassed multiple women".

New York Attorney General Letitia James and her team of attorneys interviewed dozens of women and completed their investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

The results of the investigation were detailed in a public report released on Tuesday.

The attorney general found that the governor "sexually harassed current and former New York state employees by engaging in unwelcome and non-consensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a sexually suggestive nature that created a hostile work environment for women."

The 165-page report details the Governor's office retaliating against at least one of those women, according to NBC NY.

The AG's office reviewed tens of thousands of documents that corroborated reports of 11 women, including a state trooper assigned to the governor's protection detail.

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Spectrum News 1 released a statement after one of its female reporters complained about harassment on the job.

Brianna Hamblin, a news reporter for Spectrum News 1 in Rochester, New York, took to social media to slam the sexual harassment she receives from men while doing live remotes.

She shared a video that showed her discomfort as two men made remarks to her before she went live on camera.

A Black man said "you look nice by the way" to Hamblin as he walked by. She responded "thank you" before looking down at her cellphone.

Then a white man approached her and asked why she was standing in front of a camera. She told him to watch the news to find out.

He hurled crude remarks at her as he walked away, including "you're sexy as f***" - to which Hamblin said "oh my god".

Her cameraman, Scott Barstow, did nothing to stop the harassment.

Hamblin captioned the video:

"Being hit on and harassed as a woman, especially as a woman reporter out in the field, happens so often you learn how to roll with it or ignore it. This time it happened to be recorded only seconds before my hit. There are A LOT of things wrong with this."

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The video went viral late Friday, garnering 3 million views by early Saturday.

Many Twitter users sympathized with Hamblin and suggested she find another job if she feels unsafe.

Spectrum News said in a statement provided to Mediaite:

"We are glad that Brianna wasn't alone in the face of such adversity and we've never been more proud of her. She handled the situation impeccably, remaining calm and professional throughout. We want our employees to feel safe and are constantly working towards achieving that goal."

According to sources, Hamblin is on desk duty while the news station works on a safe and supportive workplace plan for her.

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Brianna Hamblin has a problem most women would envy: she is blessed with striking beauty and light eyes that make her irresistible to men.

Hamblin's beauty is a blessing and a curse. She complains that she is constantly getting hit on by men at work in the field.

Hamblin is a reporter for Spectrum Local News in Rochester, NY, formerly CBS19.

Despite not dressing provocatively, and not wearing too much makeup, Hamblin is constantly getting hit on.

She took to Twitter to explain her dilemma:

"Being hit on and harassed as a woman, especially as a woman reporter out in the field, happens so often you learn how to roll with it or ignore it. This time it happened to be recorded only seconds before my hit. There are A LOT of things wrong with this."

The video, which includes profanity, is going viral on Twitter.

Hamblin gets cat calls from men even though her cameraman, Scott Barstow, is standing right there.

Scott empathized with Hamblin.

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Andrew Cuomo spoke out amid allegations of sexual harassment made by several women.

The embattled New York governor suffered a spectacular fall from grace as a result of the allegations.

Speaking at a press conference in Albany, NY on Wednesday, Cuomo apologized for his behavior toward the women and denied he ever touched anyone "inappropriately.

"I never touched anyone inappropriately. I never touched anyone inappropriately. I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable. I never knew at the time I was making anyone feel uncomfortable," he said.

Choking back tears, Cuomo, 63, said, "Kissing people is my customary way of greeting."

AFP via Getty Images

Cuomo rejected calls to resign as governor, even as a third woman came forward with allegations of sexual harassment.

The woman, a former aide to ex-President Barack Obama, said Cuomo touched her inappropriately and kissed her at a party in 2019.

Unlike his other accusers, there are photos of Cuomo touching the woman and attempting to kiss her.

Cuomo commented about the allegations toward the end of his press conference covering Covid-19 numbers in the state.

"I want New Yorkers to hear from me directly on this. First, I fully support a woman's right to come forward," he said. "And I think it should be encouraged in every way. I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it. I feel awful about it, and frankly, I am embarrassed by it, and that's not easy to say but that's the truth."

He continued, "I never ever meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone or cause anyone any pain. That is the last thing I would ever want to do."

The allegations of sexual harassment come as the feds launched investigations into Cuomo's handling of Covid-19 patients admitted to nursing homes in the state.

Thousands of elderly residents were infected and died.

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Alexander Wang has been accused of sexually assaulting male and transgender models, including allegedly drugging and groping them.

The 37-year-old designer's accusers went public with the allegations on social media on Monday.

A post by industry watchdog S**t Model Mgmt accused Wang of being a "sexual predator" and asked fashion buyers to boycott his clothing line.

"Alexander Wang is an alleged sexual predator, many male models and trans models have come out and spoken about the alleged sexual abuse that Alexander Wang has inflicted upon them.

"It is important to show your support to these victims by unfollowing Alexander Wang and boycotting his clothing line."

Several anonymous accounts shared stories of alleged sexual misconduct and being drugged with MDMA.

Model Owen Mooney had earlier uploaded a TikTok video claiming he was "touched up" by a "really famous" fashion designer in 2017. Although Mooney did not initially name his alleged abuser, he later uploaded a follow-up video and confirmed it was Wang.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

According to editors at WWD, Wang's spokeswoman declined to comment on Tuesday.

However, fashion advocacy group Model Alliance issued a statement on the same day, supporting Wang’s accusers.

"We at Model Alliance stand in solidarity with those who have shared accusations of sexual abuse by Alexander Wang," the group stated in an Instagram post. "Let's be clear: The fashion industry's lack of transparency and accountability leaves all models vulnerable to abuse, regardless of their sex or gender identity."

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

So far, Wang's celebrity clients, including Lady Gaga (pictured at the 2015 Met Gala), Rihanna, Doja Cat, Balla Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Miley Cyrus, have remained silent.

Rappers who name dropped the designer in their songs include Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Quavo Huncho, and Vic Mensa.

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Ellen DeGeneres held a virtual staff meeting after two more producers were let go amid reports of a toxic work environment on her show.

DeGeneres boosted staff morale with a Zoom video call on Monday, Aug. 17, following the news that two producers had been axed from her daytime talk show.

DeGeneres reportedly took part in a video call during which she apologized for her "bad days" and promised she'd do better going forward.

Producers Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman, and Jonathan Norman were all told their services are no longer required, according to sources, who reveal the news was shared during the virtual staff meeting on Monday.

"Producers, Ellen and crew were on a video call this afternoon," a source told Us Weekly. "Ellen addressed them. It really boosted morale. She opened up and was being real. (She) admitted to being multilayered and said she has good days and bad days. She said people on the call would know that she has not asked people not to look her in the eyes on set."

The daytime talk show host has been under fire since allegations about her treatment of employees were first exposed in a Buzzfeed article earlier this summer.

She issued an apology, but executives at WarnerMedia, the company behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show, decided to launch a wider investigation into the allegations.

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DeGeneres, 62, reportedly denied telling people not to make eye contact with her backstage or on the set. She called the claim "crazy" and "not true".

She apparently told her employees that they shouldn't "be afraid to address her and say hi".

"She encouraged it," the source added.

But former staffers took to social media to call her a liar.

Splash News

One person wrote, "Liar. You were called out for being a total BITCH so your response is to fire other people. Typical Hollywood hypocrite."

Another said, "So Ellen had claims of sexual abuse, systemic racism and her just plain being mean to her employees and so what does she do? Fires 3 producers and says her show will be better than ever next month."

There are unconfirmed reports that The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be canceled. Friends say the reports have caused considerable concern for DeGeneres, who dreads doing standup comedy tours to pay her bills.