FCC votes today

President Barack Obama has supported laws in favor of gay marriage and illegal alien amnesty, and now Obama is set to take control over the world wide web.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote today on the controversial net neutrality regulations that would allow the FCC and the Obama administration to control what you see on the Internet.

If the vote goes as Obama plans, freedom of speech of the media and bloggers will be in serious jeopardy.

On Thursday, the FCC is set to vote on net neutrality regulations that would declare Internet access a “telecommunications service” under Title II. Advocates, including President Obama, argue that the move is the only way the FCC can enact rules that will hold up to legal challenges in court. The rules aim to prevent Internet providers from acting as “gatekeepers” and controlling what content users can access online. Source

Critics argue that if passed, the new regulations would give communist countries like China and Russia more power to seize control of the entire Internet through the United Nations.

But the Obama administration dismissed those arguments (as they often do when hiding their true intentions).

According to The National Journal, Commerce Dept. asst. secretary Larry Strickling acknowledged that countries like China and Russia are looking for ways to control the Internet through the UN.

Critics argue that the net neutrality rules would reclassify the Internet as a “telecommunications service”, like TV and phone service. This would give the FCC (and Obama) more control over what content users see on the Internet, and it would allow the ISPs to increase the rates they now charge for broadband; the wide band data transmission of graphics, voice and video streaming to our laptops and smart phones.

I hope you’re happy now; Sandrarose.com may soon be a thing of the past.