Being Mary Jane

Type A personality and classic narcissist Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) is desperate to have a small human to lord over, who will make her the center of its universe. But before that can happen, she must take Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) fertility hormones shots to trigger her old tired ovaries to produce an egg or ovulate (also known as the luteinizing hormone “surge”).

The so-called hCG “trigger shot” causes the ovaries to ovulate within 24-36 hours after the shot is injected. The entire episode documents Mary Jane’s chaotic life in countdown style toward the “extraction” of Mary Jane’s all-important egg.

Did Dr. Lisa Hudson (LaTarsha Rose) attempt suicide or not? Because if she did, she’s annoying Mary Jane who cares only about herself and that human she’s trying to produce with sexy David (Stephen Bishop). How dare she (Lisa) be suicidal when she (Mary) and her egg are supposed to be the center of everyone’s universe?

But before Mary Jane spreads her legs for David to inseminate her, she must dispatch with Sheldon (Gary Dourdan) — another human she has no use for except to give her her next big scoop.

Being Mary Jane

As the clock continues to countdown toward extraction, Mary Jane is at Sheldon’s place when she experiences a “massive orgasm” which results in her wetting her panties.

Orgasmic spasms normally occur when a female’s hormones are manipulated artificially. In other words, that shot of synthetic hormones Mary Jane took caused a rapid rise in sex hormones that normally don’t rise that rapidly as women of a certain age start marching toward menopause.

Being Mary Jane

In particular, the sex hormone Testosterone is the major player behind Mary Jane’s massive orgasm.

Yes, women produce testosterone, too — although not as much as men.

The whole purpose of sex hormones is to make us horny enough to want to procreate and to prepare the uterus for the implantation of that all-important egg.

When our testosterone levels decreases, so does our sex drives (male and female). This is why menopausal women who get hormone replacement (including testosterone) become raging Cougars.

Before you ladies run to your doctor demanding Testosterone shots or creams, you should know that testosterone causes a lot of unwanted side effects in the female body, such as acne, hair loss, aggression, and male characteristics (facial hair, deep bass voice, etc).

We ladies only need a little bit of T in our bloodstream to keep us happy. Too much of it will cause unwanted orgasms at the wrong times and in the wrong places.

Watch the full episode of being Mary Jane, episode 6 below.