Marco Rubio family

Yesterday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

A first-term senator, Mr. Rubio doesn’t have an extensive political resume — but neither did Barack Obama, who was elected president based on the color of his skin.

Mr. Rubio’s only competition for the Republican nominee are former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Paul Rand (Kentucky).

And although they have more political muscle than Mr. Rubio, he is the more attractive candidate because, well, he’s more attractive than they are.

The 43-year-old senator is married to Jeanette Dousdebes, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader (what’s cooler than that?) The couple has four beautiful children, and unlike Barack Obama, they are God-fearing people who believe in the sanctity of the traditional family.

The only flaws in Mr. Rubio’s background appear to be those pesky rumors that won’t go away.

There’s that one rumor about Rubio siring 2 beautiful children with yet another Miami Dolphins cheerleader while he was married to the first cheerleader.

But so what if he does have another family somewhere? He’s a man, isn’t he? I think Americans are ready to forgive him — if these rumors turn out to be true.

Everyone makes mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. After all, Americans made the mistake of electing Obama as president — twice.

The most important thing to remember is Mr. Rubio is probably our best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. That’s if she doesn’t burst a brain aneurysm and die before the election. God forbid. is endorsing Mr. Rubio for president — unless another Republican announces his candidacy who has a better shot at winning than Mr. Rubio does.

I hear Dr. Ben Carson will announce his candidacy in May.