TSA Agents

Some of you may have heard the story about the gay TSA agent who was fired for manipulating the full body scanner so he could molest male passengers.

If you haven’t heard the story yet that’s because the story was buried by the national news media after just 2 days.

The two Transportation Security Administration screeners worked at Denver International Airport before they were fired. Two other TSA agents were “reassigned” to different positions within the airport.

According to published reports, the unidentified gay agent worked out an elaborate scheme with a female agent whom he signaled whenever he spotted an attractive male passenger that he liked.

The female agent would press a button on the full body scanner that identified the male passenger as a female with an anomaly in the genital area that required closer inspection.

The female agent then sent the male passenger to the gay agent who groped and fondled the man’s genitals and buttocks.

A tipster alerted police of the inappropriate activity, and the TSA agents were sacked.

The female agent told TSA investigators she redirected male passengers to the male agent at least 10 times in the past.

The media has quietly buried this story because it isn’t politically correct and it doesn’t align with their carefully crafted Gay Agenda.

In any other time period — and if the passengers being groped were females — the male agent would be arrested for sexual assault.

Even TIME magazine wrote a fluff piece diminishing the criminal nature of the story. The TIME writer basically said the story was no big deal.

According to TIME magazine no male passenger has come forward to report he was inappropriately groped by the male agent. That’s probably because the men aren’t aware they were molested. CNN isn’t rotating this story in its news cycle every 15 seconds like they would if the story involved heterosexuals.

All the other leftist media outlets are mum as well. So much for journalistic standards in America.