Martin Lewis

If you thought you spotted a black face amongst the nearly 200 Caucasian bikers who were arrested following that Waco, Texas, shootout on Sunday, you were right.

Police say bikers from 5 regional gangs converged on the famed Twin Peaks “breastaurant” for a cookout in Waco on Sunday.

Soon after the motorcycle groups arrived in the Central Texas Marketplace parking lot, someone ran over someone else’s foot and a fierce gun battle broke out between the notorious Cossacks and Bandidos motorcycle clubs.

When the smoke cleared, 9 bikers lay dead and scores more were injured.

170 bikers were arrested Sunday, including retired San Antonio police detective Martin Lewis, 62 (pictured).

Lewis, like the other detainees, is being held on $1 million bond. He reportedly retired from the San Antonio Police Dept. after 32 years on the force.

Police say the Texas Bandidos biker club members are part of an organized crime ring of bikers who move cocaine and heroin into Texas from Mexico.

18 police officers were on the scene prior to the shootout, but they were outgunned by the lawless bikers who littered the parking lot with over 100 guns and other weapons.

Family members of some of the bikers who were rounded up told USA Today that their loved ones were among the innocent bikers who ducked for cover when the bullets started flying.

“He’s good to his family,” said Katie Rhoten, whose husband, Theron, was among the bikers arrested on Sunday. “He doesn’t drink; he doesn’t do drugs; he doesn’t party. He’s just got a passion for motorcycles.”

A local lawyer told USA Today the bikers will likely remain behind bars for months before their bails are reduced.

Meanwhile, the 4 owners of the Twin Peaks “breastaurant” establishment where the trouble started are under fire for refusing a police request to cancel the biker event on Sunday.

THe Waco alcohol bureau revoked the restaurant’s liquor license on Monday. But it didn’t matter because the Twin Peaks corporate headquarters pulled the franchise license and shuttered the restaurant permanently.