2 jailers fired for sex with inmate

A registered sex offender has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit after he had sex with 2 Oregon jailers while confined at the Washington County jail.

Jeng Li Roy Delgado-Galban, 25, apparently had consensual sex with former jail service technicians Jill Curry, 38, and Brett Robinson, 32. The 2 women were fired from their jobs and arrested for sexual misconduct while on duty.

Both women are accused of releasing Delgado-Galban from his cell on separate occasions for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sex. The women say Delgado-Galban used his wily charms to “manipulate” and pursue them.

2 jailers fired for sex with inmate

Jill Curry, a married mother, wept as she was sentenced to four years and two months in March. She tearfully apologized to the 10 sheriff’s deputies present for all the “hurt and humiliation” she caused them.

Curry, 38, was married to a sheriff’s deputy at the time of her 2 dozen romps in a supply closet with the prisoner. She said problems in her marriage and “vulnerability” led her to unlock Delgado-Galban’s prison cell and seek solace in his arms.

But presiding Judge Presiding Judge Charles Bailey wasn’t swayed by Curry’s tears. “I find that stupid and ludicrous,” he said.

In addition to the sexual abuse, Delgado-Galban accuses jailers of feeding him unpalatable nutraloaf, a tasteless food item used specifically for disciplinary measures. Prisoners refer to the nutraloaf diet as “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Delgado-Galban says he didn’t violate any rules to receive that form of discipline.

Delgado-Galban is currently serving time on four charges including sexual harassment, refusing to register as a sex offender, tampering with a witness and unlawful possession of a weapon.

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