Kim Kardashian

Socialite Kim Kardashian is venting her frustration on social media again. Last week she lashed out at talk Guru Wendy Williams for insinuating she was not pregnant and she was wearing a prosthetic, a la Beyonce.

This week Kim is disputing rumors that she and hubby Kanye West are expecting a boy.

Kardashian tweeted, “so many rumors…we are not having twins, yes I am carrying my own baby lol & we have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet! nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!” She pointedly set the record straight a week after using Twitter to blast other false claims, feistily writing, “Pregnant KiKi does not play!!!! *BLOOP!*” Source

The fact that she’s so angry could be an indication that the rumor is true. After all, we know she spent a goodly portion of her reality TV paycheck on treatments at a Beverly Hills fertility clinic.

Choosing a boy embryo during in-vitro fertilization is a much more common process now. Yes, that means multiple embryos must die for Kim to be picky, but they’re just embryos.

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