NY magazine cover

NY Magazine published a cover story featuring 35 women who claim they were raped by Comedian Bill Cosby.

After publishing the story on Sunday, the entire website went dark with no explanation for hours.

Rape is an ugly crime, and there are harsh laws in place to deal with rapists.

Cosby’s name has been in the news over the past year after a fellow comedian cracked a joke about Cosby’s numerous rape allegations that have been news fodder for over a decade.

Cosby claims he had consensual sex with the women. He admitted to giving some of the women the party drug Quaalude. Despite the media’s insistence, Quaalude is not a date rape drug. It does not render women unconscious.

Still unexplained is why so many of these women claimed to be raped yet none of them went to the police.

In fact, the one case that was litigated was settled out of court in 2006 a year after the accuser blackmailed Cosby into paying for her silence.

NY Magazine alerted its Twitter followers to the website’s technical issues on Monday morning.

“Our site is experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of the issue, and working on a fix.”