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The woman covered in dust and debris in an iconic photo taken in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist in NYC attack has died.

Marcy Borders, 42, succumbed to stomach cancer on Monday night, her brother confirmed to NBC News.

Borders learned she had stomach cancer in August last year.

"At this time I need everyone to take the time out to pray for my sister, Marcy Borders," her brother wrote on Facebook. "I can't believe my sister is gone."

Borders was captured in the iconic photo in the moments after terrorists flew 2 commercial airliners into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Borders was only 28 when she took a job working at Bank of America on the 81st floor of the North Tower a month before the first plane hit.

She managed to make it out of the building safely before the North Tower collapsed sending up pillars of dust, powdered human remains and debris into the atmosphere.

She told the NY Post she ignored her boss's order to stay at her desk.

When Borders emerged from the building she wasn't prepared for the carnage she saw in the street.

"There were wounded and the injured" everywhere, she told the Post.

She ran as the North Tower collapsed in front of her eyes. A kind stranger pulled her into the lobby of a nearby building. Thats where AFP photographer Stan Honda captured the photo of her covered in debris. She was dubbed the 'dust lady of September 11.'

"It was like my soul was knocked down with those towers," she told the Post.

Borders said she started smoking crack cocaine to numb the memories of that day.

She checked into rehab in April 2011, where she heard about the assassination of Osama bin Laden by Navy Seals.

"The treatment got me sober, but bin Laden being killed was a bonus," she told the Post.

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Borders told The Telegraph newspaper she avoided looking at her photo in the paper.

"I try to take myself from being a victim to being a survivor now," she said. "I don't want to be a victim anymore."

  • Bird

    I'm so sorry that she passed at such a young age, but I know her daughter is sooo grateful that she got more time with her mommy after that fateful day. R.I.P. sistah Marcy.

  • SummerBaby

    Such a sad story! RIP. ??

  • iWasteTime


    Thanks for the new post

  • CrazySexyKool

    RIP.. We never know what others are going thru. I never would have thought that just being in that place when it happened would have had such a negative impact on someone. Crack Cocaine is a hell of a drug. My entire family born before the 80's have either tried it, died from years of abusing it, or are still doing it. Including both of my parents. I pray that Marcy Borders died with a better grip on life. It's clear that she is loved.

  • Michelle Peele

    Every time I think of 9/11, I remember how I used to work in the twin towers years before all of this took place. Had things worked in that job, I might would have still been there. Truly a sad story.

  • iWasteTime

    I can see how it would.
    She didn't listen, left and survived.
    Survivors remorse and guilt is weird.
    My friends mom worked in the North tower. 3 weeks before they got their money from the underground TC bombing. He asked her for money for books, she was late and came out the subway as the 1st tower fell, she was phucked up off that for a minute. Drank a lot

  • aRoth

    I have NEVER seen this photo. All I can say is wow, wow, wow! I was so intrigued with the news coverage on this. I even visited the site (years) after. The buiding behind the towers was scorched. You automatically look up in the sky. It gave me chills.
    Reminds me of how intrigued I was after Katrina. Man oh man! Has anyone ever watched the documentary "When the Levees Broke"? Good sh!t.

  • VDot

    Awww Bless her heart. RIP Marcy Borders!

    She believed the dust/wreckage played a part in her cancer. I do too. Believe I read earlier that there are allocated funds for 9/11 rescue workers who suffer from cancer, which they think may have been caused by debris.

  • SummerBaby

    I think it contributed to her cancer as well.

  • VDot

    I just watched When the Levees Broke on Youtube last month!

    Katrina still intrigues me to this day.

  • aRoth

    Just read that that the suspect DIED! Dammit!

  • Sincerity7

    Um, yea I wouldn't have stayed at my desk either. I'm snatching up my purse and keys and I'm outta there.

  • Buttercup

    Donna Summer said that the dust and debris is the reason she suffered from lung cancer. This is about to put my conspiracy theorist into overdrive.

  • aRoth

    Makidada. Wasn't it good?! I did laugh at one part in particular.....when the man said that he asked for water and they dropped the water down and almost broke his boat. He was like "bet I won't ask for none no more." #chuckle

  • Tippie Toes

    Gosh so sad how that event changed her life. May she rest in paradise

  • Tippie Toes

    I think that's what gave her stomach cancer as well.

  • VDot

    Yes to survivors remorse.

    Travis Barker said he had severe survivors remorse after he survived that plane crash.

  • 1/8

    I think I remember seeing video of her being pulled into a lobby by a cameraman. So sorry to hear about her struggles and ultimate demise.

  • VDot

    And the other dude, DJ AM (Nicole Richie's ex) died from an OD later.

  • Queen Negus

    Bless her heart, she is finally able to rest. I do belive (IMO) that dust she inhaled might have caused her cancer.

    Chat with y'all later off the the school to have a nice chat with Dee 3's teacher. He said she hollers at the kids. He is light skinned and sensitive like his Daddy!! Yes I said comes the hate 5..4..3..2..1. lmao

  • 1/8

    I was in New York for New Years 1999 and 2000. In 2001, I was contemplating taking a job with AIG, located in one of the towers. Ultimately, I took a job at one of their west coast offices - after 9/11.

    As a result of the New York tragedy, all AIG employees, at least in my office, were given parachutes!

  • Buttercup

    No hate from me. Lil Butter is a lite brite and definitely has his "light skinded" moments.

  • Tippie Toes

    What is a light-skinned moment?

  • 88

    That dust absolutely caused her cancer. Thousands of ppl that were there have died from cancer even the singer Donna Summer.

  • lenny

    RIP to all the dearly departed today. not a doubt the dust played a role in her cancer

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw her covered in that dust :(

  • 88

    Sad story even more sadder that she actually believed Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the towers being turned to dust.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Today is a heavy day man. This number 2. Dare I ask what's the 3rd story?

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    and ur up 81 floors? yeah, see ya.

  • Fendi

    "She ignored her boss' orders to stay at her desk." Discernment is such a powerful tool. May she rest in peace. God bless her family. Donna Summer raised concerns about debris from 9/11 containing cancer causing agents. Her concerns fell upon deaf ears. She died, this young woman died, and if I recall correctly, a fireman who aided in 9/11 rescues died within the past week or so. I sincerely hope aid is being given to victims of 9/11 to help them cover their medical expenses.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    I read about this yesterday. May she RIP.

    It seems like so many 9/11 survivors have passed in the last few years.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    I believe it as well. Several survivors have been diagnosed with cancer and other deadly diseases.

  • SpillyNillie

    I wonder if they've performed studies?

  • VDot

    He said she hollers at the kids. He is light skinned and sensitive like his Daddy!!


    This tickled me.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    I saw When the Levees Broke, all parts, except the 4th. Which I saw last night. Heartbreaking

  • Buttercup

    Exhibit A

  • iWasteTime

    Chile! ...lolol!

  • AllmylifeIhadtofight

    I'm going to go find a fuckery story for SR to lighten the mood. I's sad now.

  • VDot

    It was really good!

    It's like I knew all of that was going down, but to see it laid out like that was sad.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! His accent is what made me laugh at that part.

  • Tippie Toes

    I get it you can't answer because your not light skin?

  • Fendi

    I doubt it. Seeing as how Bush reportedly received word that these "terrorist" bombings would occur and did nothing to prevent them... Same with Hurricane Katrina and the levees. It would've cost a mere $20 million to strengthen those levees. Instead, the gov't spent around $20 billion to attempt to reverse the damage done as a result of the broken levees and hurricane. So much of what is labeled natural disasters or tragedies is anything but.

  • iWasteTime

    you on a roll today!!
    You ever send them books to your Kindle email addy?

  • AllmylifeIhadtofight

    I saw it.. I cried so hard


    I read her story and she went through a lot in recent years. Although I believe it MAY cause some issue she was also a heavy drinker and that can also contribute to her type of cancer. I hope ppl remember that just b/c YOU stop drinking and doing drugs your body never forget and it'll sped up your expiration date. I'm glad she was able to get her kids back and find peace.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    please do. geesh.

  • Buttercup

    Nah, I had to find a meme that was small enough. And I'm not light skin. Pecan tan is what they call it around my way.

  • AllmylifeIhadtofight

    You WILL not talk about Khaki1 like that!!! LMAO

  • Buttercup

    LMBO. I only know because I birthed one too.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    If you coulda seen me cheering when my dude came through and said, "PUT THOSE GOT DAYUM GUNS DOWN!!!!!!"

  • AllmylifeIhadtofight

    That lil ninja will walk straight away from you while you know he hears you talking to him with the expression "not today linda'..

  • Buttercup

    Not yet. I can't locate not a 1 cable to charge my iPad and I don't want to buy another. I'll add that to my to-do list for today.

  • Just Keya

    That's gonna be Ju...she low key does it now. smh

  • Buttercup

    Lil Butter has always ignored people who calls him Michael or Mike. When he was finally old enough to talk, he would say, "Ummm, the names 'Lil Butter" " I can't help but to love him.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    Yes, to actually see the fear, pain, suffering, it truly broke my heart. But I was also proud to see the victims working together and helping each other in their time of need.

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    New Post...Rentboy . com :(

  • VDot

    YASSSS!!! With that bass in his voice. He came in and got them together REAL QUICK!!

  • aRoth


  • aRoth

    I think I watched all parts. It's been years! And I knew I watched it for HOURS on end.

  • Low E. {CIRCA 1908}


  • missmiami305

    Wow! Remember her.

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    Bless her family and all who continue to be affected by this tragedy.

  • stav

    Family is in my prayers.

  • You Aint Shyt-LuhYou, B.Sweet

    I know I'm late but dust from cement is known to cause cancer usually lung cancer. The dust from the cement gets into the lung and the body is unable to expel it. Cancer starts from there. I'm simplifying but over exposure to that dust can cause cancer.

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

    Very sad. Rest in Peace.....

  • JennyJazzhands

    I can imagine. You listen to your gut and leave, only to deal with knowing that all of your coworkers are dead. She probably thought about them a lot, "should I have grabbed someone and taken them with me? Should I have said something and maybe convinced more people to come with me?" I can only imagine.

  • Jessica

    I can't help but wonder if the chemicals she was exposed to on September 11 was the beginning of her stomach cancer. Rest in peace sweet lady. You're no longer a victim, you're now a VICTOR!

  • TheRealLee

    Rest in Peace. A few people including first responders that inhaled debris that day have also passed away. So sad.

  • Tammie Reed

    that pissed me off when bosses were like stay at your desk, go back to work! I don't think so, I'm going/running home!

  • Sexy CJ

    R. I. P..................

  • Teachmeeatme


  • Queen Negus

    I went to the school. Teacher had those first graders in check. She is not mean just strict and she said she hollors when she have to. Dee 3 is good and don't need hollering at. He scared of his 6'5 Dad more than the teacher. Now I have 2 more classrooms to sit in.

  • barbeez

    Crack. Uhm. Sorry but of all drugs...crack? I digress. RIP

  • Canary Red™

    Thinking the same can they prove this and what can be done??????

  • AprilRain

    Has anyone else developed cancer after inhaling that crap from that day I wonder?

  • $103237338

    I've heard that people developed a lot of breathing problems but it was more police and firefighters because they were out there for an extended amount of time.

  • Molly

    ?. RIP?

  • eljjai

    She probably passed as a result of inhaling all of that dust. Many of the first responders have suffered various kinds of terrible cancer and the governemnt doesn't seem to want to help them much...

  • Jusstlookn2

    “I try to take myself from being a victim to being a survivor now,” she said. “I don’t want to be a victim anymore.” Amen Amen Amen

    May she rest in internal peace and God Keep her family.

  • Junkanoo

    911 was an inside job

  • Buttercup

    I still don't like her hollering at them though. I know I've always shut down when people starting yelling and hollering. She can still be stern without raising her voice.

  • Cremé De La Cremé

    wow, thats deep. R.I.P.

  • VV

    Rest in Heaven beautiful soul!

  • Renee26

    Crack though????