San and Nia Rader

Christian video bloggers Sam and Nia Rader finally admit what everyone already knew: they lied about him “surprising” her with a positive pregnancy test AND they lied about her suffering a miscarriage 3 days later.

Their hoax fell apart when Nia claimed Sam fished some of her urine out of the toilet bowl and surprised her with her own positive pregnancy test.

Of course, the gullible media fell for their lies, but YouTubers smelled a rat almost instantly.

In a new video blog posted to YouTube today, Sam Radar said he and his wife were under siege by hateful commenters who doubted their lies.

“I know it may seem like I’m giving a little too much attention to the people that’s drinking the ‘Haterade’ out there,” he begins, “But I have one final statement for them, ‘kay, and that’s it.”

Radar, who is a devout Christian, began with a long, rambling soliloquy about God choosing him and his wife to be persecuted by their angry YouTube followers.

“The un-acceptance that this world has shown our family has actually been a blessing to me. Let me explain. …[I]t seems as though the media out there, all the articles being written about us, are trying to put us in a bad light for the most part. And I feel like those are the ones that represent the world. And it makes me think of the verse John 15:19: ‘If you are of the world, the world will love you as its own. But because you are not of the world, but I have chose you from the world, the world hates you. I just think that’s so amazing. ‘Because I chose you, the world hates you.’ God told us we’re going to be hated, so what we’re seeing right now is God’s will being played out for our lives as Christians. We’re being persecuted somewhat.”

He finally ended his long-winded speech with this confession:

“Or like one interviewer asked me, ‘Was it all staged? A lot of people think it was staged.’ I’m like, you know what? It was staged. It was all orchestrated by God above and nothing less. I’ll say stuff like that just to kind of throw them off, but it doesn’t make me happy that people are deceived, but it does make me happy that God chose our family out of the world.”