Chris Brown and Nia Guzman

Professional groupie Nia Guzman and her attorney detailed why she needs $15,000 (or more) per month to raise her and singer Chris Brown‘s infant daughter, Royalty Brown.

Guzman drew the ire of Brown’s fans who say she is nothing but a greedy gold digger who is out to get her hands on Brown’s money.

But Guzman and her attorney blame Brown’s fanatical fans for the whopping increase in child support needed to raise the 1-year-old.

From Hollywood Life:

“Royalty needs clothing, food, shelter, and with Royalty being Chris’ daughter, Nia absolutely wants Royalty to have security. You’d be horrified with the life Nia’s forced to live here in Houston. The paparazzi and regular citizens themselves come up to Nia every day while she’s in the grocery store, pumping gas, and even while she’s in the park playing with Royalty. They’re taking pictures, invading their space and Nia is very scared and concerned for Royalty’s safety as well as her own.”

“Chris has a lot of fans here in Houston and based on the undeserved bashing he’s given Nia on his social media platforms, some of his fans get aggressive toward Nia and say inappropriate things to her — right in front of Royalty.”

Brown met Guzman during his longterm, but troubled, relationship with failed entrepreneur Karrueche Tran. Karrueche and Guzman were besties — until Brown accidentally knocked Guzman up during a moment of unbridled passion.

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