Cecil the Lion cubs

Cecil the Lion’s cubs are in danger. Cecil, who was poached and beheaded by an American dentist last month, helped protect his cubs along with his brother Jericho and the pride’s lioness. But one of the cubs was killed by another lion in a Zimbabwe national park, the NY Post reports.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association struck a deal with Zimbabwe national leaders to lift the ban on big game hunting that was imposed after Cecil was killed by Minnesota dentist Walter J. Palmer.

From NY Post:

Cecil was the leader of his pride, made up of three lionesses and eight cubs, at the time of his slaying by Dr. Walter Palmer in July. Palmer has been in hiding since Cecil’s slaughter was reported.

Without Cecil around, other male lions are likely to kill his cubs and mate with the female cats, experts say.

“One of the eight cubs was killed by a male lion after Cecil was killed,” a source at Hwange National Park told the Sunday Mail newspaper. http://www.sundaymail.co.zw/ “The lionesses fended off his advances but it is unlikely they can continue to protect the cubs for much longer.”

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