Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump drew huge crowds during his campaign stop in north Atlanta over the weekend.

At least 10,000 Trump supporters packed the cavernous North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, Georgia on Saturday.

Normally I don’t get up early on the weekends for any man. But the chance to see the next president of the United States in the flesh doesn’t come along every day!

When he finally took the stage, Trump told the crowd that former NFL star and University of Georgia standout Herschel Walker endorsed him for president.

Trump kept us waiting for hours while he schmoozed with the VIPs and black pastors backstage at the meet and greet, that rally organizers said was not happening (liars!)

I know some of you are mad that Trump will win the election. But if you start practicing saying the words “President Trump” now, you’ll be used to saying it by the time he wins next year.

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain got the crowd hyped before Trump took the stage.

I took this photo of Pastors Darrel Scott, left, and Mark Burns at the Trump rally. Pastor Bell gave a rousing speech, and he asked the crowd to pray for Trump.

Pastors Bell and Burns were among a contingent of about 30 black pastors who were invited. The pastors traveled from all over the country to meet Trump in Georgia.

Trump called the media “very dishonest”, and he targeted CNN in particular, saying they would downplay the size of the crowd. So here are photos of the crowd.

Your auntie was among those sweltering in the oppressive heat inside the Trade Center. I wish you were there with me!

Thanks to Jennifer at Johns Creek Post for the invite!

Photos: David Welker/Gwinnett Daily Post staff photographer