Every record label has an urban blogger on their payroll to be their pipeline to the black community.

Blogger Necole Bitchie used to be the go-to girl for record labels to distribute fake press releases about their artists for damage control.

But Necole got tired of selling her soul for blog revenue. So she closed up shop and now she blogs for Jesus.

There was no shortage of shameless urban bloggers eager to take Necole’s place to sell their souls in exchange for record label paychecks.

One such blogger is the hefty sports groupie, Baller Alert, who commands a large following on Instagram.com.

Over the weekend, BA posted this nonsense about lesbian rapper Dej Loaf, left, dating rapper L’il Durk.

I wonder how much the record label paid BA to post this fake relationship? Her own Instagram followers called out Baller Alert on her own page.

Is she that broke?

Do better, Baller Alert… or whatever your name is.

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