A Plano, Texas couple has found a unique way to save money on rent — by combining 2 beds into one family bed that sleeps 7.

The couple insists their sex life doesn’t suffer. “Sex doesn’t have to be in a bed,” said Elizabeth and Tom Boyce, who combined two IKEA beds into one bed with compartments that sleeps all 5 of their children.

And as for losing their privacy, the couple says the children often wander into their bedroom anyway.

Elizabeth and Tom posted a photo of their custom family bed on Facebook, where the image went viral.

“Suddenly 175,000 people are discussing my sex life,” Elizabeth, 35, wrote on the couple’s blog.

Elizabeth and Tom, 44, travel a lot. They said they got their idea from a camper bed since they all sleep in a camper while on the road.

The couple bought 2 Kura beds and spent an extra $77.50 to modify and combine the beds.

If you have 5 kids, and you’re thinking of downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment, the instructions to build your own family bed is on their blog.