NBA star Metta World Peace lashed out at celebrities for forcing Lamar Odom‘s 2 children to “wait in line” to see their ailing father.

Peace, whose real name is Ron Artest, told the LA Daily News that the parade of celebrities to see Odom is too much.

Odom, 35, was hospitalized after he overdosed on drugs at a Las Vegas brothel last week.

“This is nothing against Khloe [Kardashian],” World Peace told the L.A. Daily News. “This is for the celebrities that are coming to see Lamar. They should know they’re taking time away from Lamar’s children.”

Hospitals normally limit bedside visitors for intensive care patients to 1 or 2 visitors. Even if Odom is no longer in ICU, patient visits are limited for ICU step-down patients as well.

World Peace, who signed on for a 2nd stint with the Lakers in 2015, criticized celebrities such as Clippers stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and the Kartrashians for taking precious time away from Odom’s kids Destiny, 17, and Lamar Jr, 13.

“The only Kardashian that needs to be there is Khloe,” said World Peace, 35. “Not every Kardashian needs to be around. They need to keep it simple, so Lamar’s children can see him whenever they want to see him. They’re waiting in line to see their own father.”

World Peace and Odom played for the same AAU team as teenagers. They reunited late in their NBA careers when they both played for the LA Lakers.

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