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Did you happen to catch Lifetime’s new reality TV show The Jacksons: Next Generation? The season premiere aired on Oct. 2 to mixed reviews.

The Jacksons: Next Generation stars the sons of Jackson 5 original member Tito Jackson, Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson. You probably remember the brothers as R&B boy band 3T back in the day.

The show focuses on TJ Jackson, his wife Francis and their mixed race children.

Lifetime likely green lighted this show because TJ serves as legal co-guardian of his uncle Michael Jackson‘s 3 kids Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Katherine Jackson and Bigi Jackson. A judge also appointed TJ’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, as co-guardian of the 3 children.

Lifetime’s bold gamble paid off. Prince and Bigi appeared briefly in one scene on the season premiere. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy finicky viewers.

Social media users were displeased with the show for exploiting Michael’s children. The reviews left on The Industry On Blast‘s Instagram blog were unkind and downright mean.

One comment summed the show up best: “Wow the Jacksons was a black family.”

What did you think of the show?