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The St. Joseph School District in Kansas City has responded to shocking video of a schoolyard bullying incident at an elementary school.

The school district confirmed the attacker, a fifth grader at another St. Joseph elementary school, was arrested and charged with assault.

The district released a statement addressing the violence.

“The St. Joseph School District does not condone this type of behavior no matter when it occurs,” said the statement. “It is important that we partner with parents and community members to prevent bullying and fighting no matter what time it occurs. One of our district priorities is to keep our students safe and educate them with programs designed to eradicate bullying.”

Another child captured the violent incident on cell phone video. The attack occurred sometime last week.

The bully is seen pulling the victim’s hair, pummeling and stomping the girl, then dragging the child about 30 feet across the ground.

At one point the bully smiled for the camera and posed with her victim like she was a big game trophy.

Parents are urging the school district to expel the girl from school.

“They’re scared of what this girl is capable of doing to their kids and they’ve made that pretty clear. I don’t want to see her come back,” said Brian Logan, whose daughter attends the same school as the bully.

“I was shocked, I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I still don’t have the words to describe how a human can do that to another human,” he told KSHB.

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