Despite the massacre in Paris carried out by ISIS last Friday, President Obama is going ahead with plans to migrate 100,000 refugees from the ISIS stronghold of Syria to American cities. 10,000 of those refugees will be embedded in New Orleans.

So far 33 U.S. governors have advised Obama that they will block his plans to relocate the refugees from Syria to their states.

Obama’s White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters the Syrian refugees will be properly “vetted” to make sure ISIS is not hiding among them.

But the governors point out that one of the Paris attackers used a fake ID.

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson said there is no system in place to properly vet the refugees, many of whom do not have identification papers.

In the face of the absurdity of Obama’s plans, Fox News political analyst Andrea Tantaros retweeted the perfect refugee vetting form for the Obama administration to use.