Director and producer Lee Daniels desperately hopes actress Vivica A. Fox can save Empire‘s TV ratings. Daniels is doing everything in his power to save the once popular musical soap opera. His last ditch effort is to cast Vivica as Cookie’s sister that no one knew she had is creating a little buzz for the show.

Empire‘s TV ratings continues to decline every week. Another sign of trouble was the launch of a clothing line collaboration between Lee and New York-based haute streetwear line, Hood by Air.

According to the NY Times, Empire’s clothing line “appeared on the H.B.A. website with almost no fanfare.”

The clothing line features a “newsprint frock with Cookie Lyon (Taraji P Henson) on it; a hoodie (yes a hoodie) with Gabby Sidibe’s face on the front; and a sweatshirt bearing Naomi Campbell’s face under the word “MOTHER.”

Items in the clothing line are priced from $15 to $300.


Designer Shayne Oliver, founder of Hood by Air, probably didn’t know Campbell isn’t on the 2nd season because he doesn’t watch the show.

“I am not someone who sits down and watches shows every week,” he said.

Oliver claims the clothing line is selling despite the lack of promotion.

“Cool kids are into it, which is very strange,” he said.

Yes, very strange indeed.