Patti LaBelle James Wright

Songbird Patti LaBelle is expressing her gratitude to YouTube star James Wright Chanel whose ecstatic video review sparked high demand for the sugary, high calorie sweet potato pies in Walmarts everywhere.

Patti apparently got tired of the media asking her what she would do to compensate Wright for his promotion.

“My new friend did this fierce video, and it took the pie over the top and people are losing their minds .?.?. we’re going to be together in Philly. He’s here now and he’s spending Thanksgiving with Ms. Patti. I’m going to cook for him,” Patti told Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

Rapper Questlove will also be at Patti’s dinner table.

The irony is that Patti can’t eat her own pies because she’s a diabetic.

And James Wright looks like he could stand to lose a few pounds himself. No doubt Patti will be serving her guests healthy food for Thanksgiving.

A Walmart spokesman said Patti’s sweet potato pies won’t be restocked on store shelves until sometime in December.