A crazed fan who stalked a WWE female wrestler was shot outside the WWE training center in Orlando, Florida in August.

The center took out a restraining order on obsessed fan Armando Montalvo after he started showing up outside the World Wrestling Entertainment facility.

Montalvo once smeared his feces on the wall of the facility when he went there to apply for a job, according to WFTV.

Orange County sheriff Jerry Demings said Montalvo had caused previous problems at the facility.

Surveillance video showing the shooting was released to the media.

The video shows Montalvo wearing headphones, screaming, banging on the glass doors and striking wrestling poses.

When officers arrived on the scene, Montalvo rushed one deputy who retreated about 75 feet before he opened fire.

Montalvo was taken to a hospital where he had surgery to remove the bullet. He recovered from his gunshot wound and has since been released on bond. His trial is in February.

The sheriff’s department refused to identify the female wrestler, but Montalvo obsessed over three-time WWE Divas champ AJ Lee, 28, on social media.

The sheriff praised the young deputy for using restraint and professionalism.

Demings said his deputy had no choice but to shoot the man.