Ashleigh Wade and Angelikque Sutton

A Bronx woman fatally stabbed her pregnant friend and cut the woman’s baby out of her womb, the NY Post reports.

Ashleigh Wade, left, who identified as a pregnant woman, is being held without bond in the brutal murder of her friend Angelikque Sutton, right.

Police say Wade and Sutton were childhood friends whose paths crossed again when Sutton was nine months pregnant.

According to the Post, the two women reconnected at Applebee’s in Co-op City. There was an instant affinity as Wade and Sutton shopped for baby items together.

On Friday, Wade invited Sutton to her Bronx apartment. When Sutton arrived, Wade grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Sutton repeatedly.

As Sutton slowly bled to death, Wade performed a crude cesarean section, ripping the baby girl out of her dying mother’s body and saving the baby’s life.

Wade then called her boyfriend, Angel Praylow, and told him to come over… she did something bad.

Praylow, who believed Wade was really pregnant, arrived at the apartment and saw the newborn and a dying Sutton in a blood-spattered bedroom. The placenta was on the floor of the bedroom.

Wade told Praylow that Sutton attacked her — and she stabbed Sutton in self-defense. Praylow said Wade told him she gave birth to the baby girl during the struggle.

Praylow, believing the infant was his daughter, wrapped the baby in his jacket and called 911.

“It’s my baby!” Wade screamed when police arrived and discovered Sutton near death, with a gaping hole in her abdomen.

Police placed Wade under arrest and bundled her into the backseat of a police cruiser. She was transported to a mental hospital for a psych evaluation. Her hands were still caked in dried blood.

Sutton was rushed to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

At the psychiatric hospital, Wade changed her story. She told police she stabbed Sutton in self-defense. She said she cut her baby out of her body to save the baby.

Police say Wade pretended to be pregnant for months. She told everyone she was due to deliver a baby girl next week.

Wade’s charade was so convincing that she fooled her landlord, Angela Parris, an OB/GYN nurse.

“I can’t believe that. She had me fooled,” Parris told the NY Post.

“She was just excited and wanted to have this baby girl. She looked pregnant. She was pregnant,” said Parris.