Rohinie Bisesar

Toronto police arrested 40-year-old Rohinie Bisesar on Tuesday and charged her with attempted murder. Bisesar was wanted for stabbing a drugstore customer in the heart then fleeing the scene last week.

Police say the victim and Bisesar were total strangers. The well-dressed former financial adviser walked into a drugstore, went directly to the younger woman and drove a steak knife into her chest.

The 20-something victim survived the knife attack and is recovering in a Toronto hospital.

Witneses told police Bisesar didn’t mumble a word during or after the attack.

Police report Bisesar confessed in an email to The National Post while on the run.

“I felt the need to be extreme to see if it would work. I would normally not do such a thing,” she wrote.

Bisesar rambled: “Do you know any professionals in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, satellites? Maybe military? Maybe government?”

She added: “Something has happened to me and this is not my normal self. There is either a single person or more responsible and who and why would be nice to know.”

Bisesar is well-known in Toronto’s financial district. She holds multiple degrees including a MBA.

A friend of Bisesar’s described her as “sweet but odd.” He added that her mental health deteriorated and she was hospitalized in 2014.

He said she became detached from her family and appeared paranoid.

Bisesar is being held without bond. Her next court hearing is Friday.