Tasha Smith

It’s an open secret in Atlanta that actress Tasha Smith has had lesbian flings with socialites in the past. But now we have confirmation that the rumors about Tasha may ring true.

According to a source, the real reason behind Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas‘ divorce is a steamy lesbian affair.

As you know, a judge recently annulled Tasha’s marriage to Douglas on the grounds that Douglas lived a fraudulent lifestyle and didn’t tell Tasha about his 5 ex-wives.

The following are excerpts from an email sent to Sandrarose.com. The email author claims Tasha’s lesbian affair with a co-star is the real reason behind the breakup of her marriage.

“A Source close to Keith Douglas lets the cat out of the bag about Actress Tasha Smith and her secret love affair with her ‘BFF” (best friend) Actress and Adult Film Star Elisabeth Rohm currently starring in the movie “Joy”. The source says that Keith discovered Smith and Rohm were having a secret love affair. He even found text messages between his wife and Rohm when he came home one day unexpectedly. Keith was crushed and when he asked his wife about the affair and she became livid at being caught!

Tasha Smith

The email continues:

This is the REAL reason why the marriage took a fall all of a sudden. In October of 2014, just three weeks before the couple split, Tasha eluded that her husband WAS indeed the greatest man in the world on the Wendy Williams Show. On the show Tasha discloses openly that she was trying to have a baby and even told how she was having sex in Wendy’s green room jokingly, even going so far as asking Wendy to carry her baby for her. Doesn’t sound like a woman in fear of her life as she stated in her retaliatory restraining order. Oct 7, 2014 (3 weeks prior to split with husband).

Sources say this had nothing to do with Keith’s prior marriages. In fact in October of 2013, Tasha admits on the Wendy Williams Show she spent the holidays with his 5 kids and their mothers. “I don’t have no baby momma drama honey”, says Tasha on the Wendy Williams show. “Like even for Thanksgiving, I am spending Thanksgiving with my daughter, her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother, my husband, my oldest son and his mother. This is the new normal baby!” Oct 22, 2013.

What do you think? If Tasha’s ex-husband knew she was having a lesbian affair, why didn’t he give this information to the judge?