helen highwater

A gender critical transsexual is speaking out against the myth promoted by the media that men can be women and women can be men.

Helen Highwater, a 42-year-old British accountant, caused controversy when he wrote a blog post criticizing the global Gay Agenda.

Highwater is a transsexual. He plans to undergo sexual reassignment surgery in the UK next year.

But he says even if his surgery is a success, he will never be a female.

In his blog post, Highwater called the “trans women are women” movement a “vicious lie.”

“It’s a vicious lie that is as dangerous for transwomen as it is for women. It’s a lie that sets us up to be triggered every time we are called he, or ‘guys’ or somebody dares to suggest that we have male biology,” she writes. “Even a cursory glance from a stranger can cut to our very core. The very foundations of our self-worth are fragile.”

Highwater dismisses the leftist’s prevailing theory that men can have female brains and vice versa. Recent studies show there is no such thing as male and female brains.

Read Highwater’s post here.