Nakasia James and Dorian Powell

A San Bernardino teenager is in hiding after confessing to stabbing and killing her ex-boyfriend on Facebook.

KABC reports Nakasia James took to Facebook to write a post explaining why she stabbed 21-year-old Dorian Powell to death.

James, 18, said she stabbed Powell following a violent altercation with him at 2:30 a.m. Monday.

San Bernardino police are actively searching for James who is in hiding. She has since deleted her Facebook posts.

“The investigators have been monitoring her Facebook page and did see several of the posts that she made,” said Eileen Hards of the San Bernardino Police Department.

The teenager wrote:

“Last night, my ex was drunk … was fighting me… hit me in the face… and I get the knife and stabbed him. Didn’t think I would hurt him. Sorry, lord, hopefully you forgive me, and sorry, Dorian Powell. RIP.”

Police went to the apartment the couple shared and found bullet holes in the windows of the upstairs unit.

“I’m sure it was in retaliation for the victim,” apartment manager Melissa De Los Santos told KABC News.

“Five gun shots, the hole[s] were, like, this big in the window,” she said.

De Los Santos told KABC she spoke with James’ mother and brother when they dropped by the apartment to collect James’s belongings.

The mother told her James had gone into hiding.

“She said that her daughter had bruises on her face, and she had pictures of that. He was being physically violent towards her,” De Los Santos told KABC.

The apartment manager said James’s brother witnesses the stabbing.

“He goes, ‘all she did was stab him one time in the chest, and he was gone,'” she said. “Just like that, he was gone.”