Tyga and Molly O'Malia

Instagram blog Fameolous obtained text messages exchanged by rapper Tyga and a 14-year-old aspiring singer, Molly O’Malia.

O’Malia claimed Tyga sent her messages online that made her “uncomfortable.”

Her parents retained controversial attorney Gloria Allred to represent her in a possible lawsuit.

In the text messages dated December 2015, Tyga asked the teen how old she was. O’Malia replied “17… most people think I’m older.

The text messages confirm Tyga’s side of the story that he “FaceTimed” the youngster and asked her to send him music because he was interested in signing her to his independent record label.

Tyga and Molly O'Malia

O’Malia played the victim in a press conference organized by Allred in her Los Angeles office on Monday. O’Malia teared up when she explained that Tyga, 26, contacted her on social media first.

“I knew who he was but I was surprised that he was contacting me. I thought that it could possibly be about my music, but he did not mention that in his initial communication with me,” she claimed.

She added: “I thought that was strange, but I was thinking he would bring that up in his next message to me. However, he didn’t mention it in the next message.”

The text messages — if they are legit — exonerate Tyga and implicates O’Malia as a greedy opportunist who is looking for a big payday.

Tyga is dating 18-year-old reality TV star Kylie Jenner, whom he reportedly met when she was 16.