Kim Kardashian and Ray J

Shortly after Essence magazine published Dr. Jackie Waltersexcellent writeup about offensive vaginal odors, a blogger dug up an old interview in which Brandy‘s brother, Ray J, described ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s offensive feminine body odor.

In the interview from 2008, Ray J recalled begging a doctor to evaluate him for an STD because Kim’s vaginal odor was “ridiculous.”

“I went to the doctor and I asked the doctor, ‘Is it me?’ And he was like, ‘Nah.’ And I’m like listen, ‘Check me first. OK, I’m good. What’s up with my girlfriend’s coochie? It’s ridiculous’.”

“When I told Kim K, that was it. The next day the p*ssy was fresh.”

Ray J was being open and honest when he recalled Kim’s putrid vaginal odor. Why would he make that up?

We know as far back as 2003 that Kim Kardashian had gynecologic problems. Sharp-eyed viewers of Kim’s sex tape noted her vagina was as dry as the Sahara desert.

A healthy vagina should be moist with a slight, yet pleasant aroma — not as dry as sand and reeking of decaying flesh.

Sources say Kim reached out to Ray J this week, begging him to retract his embarrassing statements about her offensive feminine odor.

Ray J took to social media to blast the blogger for digging up the “old ass” audio.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

But Kim should be glad that Ray J forced her to address the problem in 2008…. At least we hope she addressed the issue back in 2008.

If Kim still has problems with feminine odor, that could be why she lives with her mother while her husband, Kanye West, lives on the other side of town.