Nicole Bartley

A horny female guard at New York’s Rikers Island was charged with raping a male prisoner and smuggling drugs into the prison.

Prisoners can’t give consent for sexual relations because they are property of the state.

Nicole Bartley was suspended from her job as a corrections officer at Rikers Island after a drug sniffing dog led police to her.

She was charged with third-degree rape and released on $1,000 bond.

Investigators searched Bartley’s Bronx home and found 70 grams of potent marijuana hidden inside.

In addition to rape, she was also charged with drug trafficking and smuggling contraband (weed) into the prison for her inmate boyfriend, Dasmond Loveless, to sell to other prisoners.

Bartley quickly saw the error of her ways after she read the list of charges against her.

“I was in love with him. He used me and played me for a fool,” Bartley told investigates. “I had sex with him on one occasion in the jail a few days before Jan. 30. I used a condom. It was in the closet in the morning when everyone else was locked in. It only lasted five minutes.”

Bartly testified that Loveless “compelled” her to smuggle drugs and a cell phone into the prison for his personal and business use.

“I was fooled by Dasmond Loveless,” Bartley. “I, Nicole, being a fool had my guard down to this man I thought [I] was falling in love with.”

In 2009, Loveless seduced a female corrections officer and used her to smuggle drugs and other contraband into the prison for him. His mother acted as his outside contact for the corrections officer.

“Following an investigation by DOI, Dasmond Loveless and his mother, Carolyn Loveless, were charged with paying Teneya Griffith, a former Correction Officer, to bring tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, prohibited items in the City’s jails,” states a 2009 indictment from the Department of Investigations.

Bartley said their sexual relations were “mutual.” But inmates can not consent to sex.

Bartley’s world came crashing down when a drug-sniffing Labrador retriever name Gunner sniffed out a package of weed she was attempting to smuggle into the prison. Gunner also sniffed out another corrections officer who was smuggling synthetic marijuana into the prison for a different inmate.