Deanna and Karyse Coley

Most women with low self esteem look to celebrities for the perfect examples of beauty. Some women want Kim Kardashian‘s butt. Other women prefer Beyonce‘s perky breasts, and then you have the Manchester sisters.

The beautiful reality TV stars Karyse Coley, 20, and Deanna Coley, 19, went under the knife at the same time to get Karrueche Tran‘s perfect nose.

Deanna Coley

As you know, Karrueche is the ex-girlfriend of American singer Chris Brown.

The unique surgery is Manchester, England’s first synchronized nose jobs.

“We do everything else together so we thought why not get our noses done on the same day,” said Deanna. “It might sound stupid because it’s a nose, but it will make us feel more confident.”

The surgery was filmed for ‘Bodyshockers’, England’s TV version of American TV’s ‘Nip/Tuck’ or ‘Botched’.

The whole thing was Deanna’s idea. That’s Deanna on the left and Karrueche on the right.

Deanna Coley

The Selfie obsessed 19-year-old isn’t happy with how her nose looks in her Instagram photos. She only poses at certain angles to take emphasis off her nose.

It’s amazing how we view new things through another person’s eyes. After reading their story, it does appear that Karrueche has the perfect nose after all.

But not everyone thinks it’s a good idea for the girls to achieve Karrueche’s perfect nose.

Deanna and Karyse Coley

“It sounds like a massive risk to take for something that isn’t destroying their lives,” said Bodyshockers‘ host Katie Piper.

“These girls aspire to look like what are computer-generated images and they’re crucifying every lump and bump on their body,” she added.

What do you think? Does Karrueche have the perfect nose?