Kesha Taylor Swift

Last week a female judge in Manhattan denied Kesha Rose Sebert‘s request to terminate her Sony contract after the singer claimed she was raped by her producer, Dr. Luke.

The 28-year-old pop singer broke down and cried in open court when the judge told her Sony’s commercial interests took priority over her personal safety and welfare.

Sebert claims she was drugged and raped by Luke when she was 18. She said she suffered ongoing physical and mental abuse for 10 years. But the judge said Sebert didn’t prove her case.

Sebert’s contract calls for her to record 6 more albums for her slave masters at Sony.

A number of celebrities stepped up to voice their anger and dismay at the judge’s decision.

Pop singer Lady Gaga praised Kesha’s bravery. And rapper Nicki Minaj unfollowed Dr. Luke on in a sign of support.

But only one superstar put her money where her mouth is: Taylor Swift reportedly donated $250,000 to help pay Kesha’s attorney fees.

Sebert’s mom, @grannywrapper, announced the donation on Sunday.

“When Taylor saw the heartbreaking courtroom photos of Kesha, it was then that she knew she needed to do something,” a close source told Rolling Stone magazine.

The donation prompted Taylor’s rival, Demi Lovato, to tweet she wasn’t impressed.

“Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I’ll be impressed,” she tweeted.

Her unfortunate opinion caused Swift’s fans to come for her by the busloads.

Demi Lovato