Would you drink Tinashe‘s bath water? How about sip from a champagne glass that she stood up in? Do you even know who she is?

Most of us can’t name a song Tinashe sings, but she covers the current issue of Complex online magazine.

Surprisingly, the 22-year-old singer/ songwriter needs bodyguards due to her growing popularity.

According to Complex, Tinashe is forced to live in a guard gated community to safeguard her from her rabid fans. Beyonce 2.0?

Complex — The notes left at the front door are just one omen. “We go out now, and a group of people will gather around her,” Aimie says. “Now I get [the appeal of] gated communities. People leave you alone.” Michael counters: “That seems like more loneliness.”

“Everyone lives in Hidden Hills,” Tinashe says, referring to the gated community near Calabasas, Calif., the heart of Kardashian country. “It’s so cliché.” This isn’t a conversation about moving the entire family, though. Kudzai is still in high school; Thulani is in his first year at San Diego State. It would be Tinashe, living on her own. After 22 years of total support, she’d suddenly be coming home from a performance overseas to an empty house.