Marsha Reynolds

The JetBlue flight attendant who kicked off her Gucci heels and ran leaving 70 pounds of cocaine behind at LAX will have to stay in jail a little while longer.

Marsha Gay Reynolds, 31, appeared in Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday where a judge granted her a $500,000 bond.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alicia Washington asked the judge to delay Reynold’s release pending an extradition appeal by a federal magistrate judge in Los Angeles.

Reynolds reportedly abandoned 2 suitcases containing $3 million worth of cocaine at a random checkpoint screening at LAX airport Friday.

The 31-year-old nursing student flew back to Queens where she surrendered to federal agents on Wednesday.

She faces 10 years in prison if convicted on possession of cocaine with intent to distribute charges.

Washington told Magistrate Viktor Pohorelsky Reynolds was a flight risk.

“The defendant’s co-conspirator also has tried to flee to Jamaica (the Caribbean Island) as recently as last night,” she said.

Washington said Reynolds’ unidentified accomplice has access to forged travel documents.

Wearing grey Converse sneakers and jeans, Reynolds appeared in court with her mother and Allen Jennings, a controversial Pentecostal preacher who was accused of sexual harassment when he was a city councilman.

Jennings and Reynolds’ mother put up their homes to secure her 500K bond.

“Miss Reynolds is a very good young woman,,” Jennings said in open court. “She may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags.”

Jennings added that Reynolds flew back to NY using her JetBlue credentials which were still valid until Thursday when JetBlue suspended her.

Reynolds, who is a former beauty queen in her native Jamaica, is studying to be a nurse at Mercy College. She also ran track at New York University.