Tamron Hall

This is why we love MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall. She has remained unbiased and neutral in the contentious 2016 presidential race.

During a live segment on Monday, Hall asked liberal political journalist David Corn to comment on former KKK member David Duke’s endorsement of Trump.

David Corn was supposed to accuse Trump of being racist and “riling up all sorts of bigotry and hatred.”

But Hall and her producer in the control room seemed to even the playing field just a little.

As Corn spoke, MSNBC cut to a clip of a black Trump supporter named Frank Vick who said, “David Duke and people like that, they come out from under the rocks all the time around this time. It’s got nothing to do with Donald Trump.”

When the camera cut to a live shot of the studio, Hall appeared confused (good acting!)

“Um, clearly, let me just be clear here,” she stuttered.

“I don’t know how many African-Americans were in that building, but that is one person, that uh, we have chosen to cut that sound from…. Uh, David?” she said.

Almost immediately, Hall’s anti-Trump followers on Twitter.com accused her and MSNBC of race-baiting because they showed a black man supporting Trump.

“They were totally caught with egg on their face as they weren’t expecting a black man to downplay the whole BS issue on David Duke and the KKK,” said Jim Hoft.

But others praised Hall and MSNBC for dismissing the Trump/David Duke controversy. Let’s move on to the real issues such as black men being gunned down in the streets by racist cops.