Akiel Denkins

When will the carnage end? Another unarmed black man, Akiel Denkins, 24, lost his life Monday when police in Raleigh, NC shot him in the back as he was fleeing arrest.

Denkins’ family members say witnesses told them Denkins was unarmed and fleeing for his life when he was shot in the back SEVEN TIMES.

About 300 peaceful protestors took to the streets Monday near where Denkins was gunned down like an animal. Police reported no incidents of violence. But that will change once CNN and the other hate mongers arrive on the scene to agitate the crowd for ratings.

A memorial was erected to the young man whose life was stolen. A Gofundme account was set up to help pay funeral expenses. So far, $525 has been raised toward a goal of $10,000.

Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown

Police chief Cassandra Deck-Brown, who is black, released this statement: “Our thoughts and our prayers go out to all involved in today’s incident.”

It should not be illegal in this great country to run for your life from the gang in blue.

The punishment should not be death for running away from cops!

There has been a steady uptick in this sort of racist police violence on black people since President Obama was elected. Call the White House and demand that Obama do something!