Funky Dineva

Blogger ATLien was reduced to tears on Monday when she toured her midtown Atlanta rental property after evicting troubled blogger Funky Dineva.

ATLien, whose real name is Michelle Brown, says she allowed Dineva to move into her rental property without a security deposit when he was down on his luck and his blog revenue wasn’t as profitable.

Dineva lived in the townhome for 2-3 years before he unexpectedly stopped paying rent.

ATLien toured the property with her photographer a week after Dineva was evicted. Dog feces littered the hardwood floors (we hope it was dog feces) and urine stained the carpets upstairs. Trash was strewn about the home and portions of the carpet were ruined by bleach stains.

Brown filmed the damage for her records and she posted a link on her Twitter page.

Brown is in the process of getting estimates for the substantial repairs that will need to be done.

Watch the video by clicking here or below.

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