jordan brown

Jordan Brown, the troubled pastor who claimed a Whole Foods bakery sold him a cake with a gay slur written on it was sued for unpaid student loans a few weeks ago.

KXAN obtained a copy of the lawsuit from the Travis County Clerk’s Office accusing Brown of defaulting on a $27,000 student loan.

The lawsuit, filed on March 11, 2016 by a student loan trust, claimed Brown stopped making payments on the $27,000 student loan that was issued to him for the 2007-2008 school year at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania.

On Monday, Brown and his attorney held a press conference where they accused Whole Foods of decorating his cake with a gay slur. Brown, who is openly gay, claimed he did not tell the Whole Foods employee his sexual orientation.

But Whole Foods filed a counter suit against Brown and his attorney after viewing surveillance video that shows Brown at the checkout counter holding the cake box with a white UPC code label clearly affixed to the top.

jordan brown

A cashier can be seen scanning the label on top of the cake box. But the label — which Brown says he did not remove — was on the side of the cake box he presented to reporters at the press conference.

Whole Foods released a statement saying the company stands behind the bakery employee who is a member of the “LGBTQ community.”

On Wednesday, a KXAN reporter went to Brown’s address listed on the student loan lawsuit.

The AMLI apartment complex where Brown resides is also the address Brown lists on the website for his gay-friendly Church of Open Doors. But a manager at the apartment complex told KXAN Brown’s church does not hold meetings there.