Adrienne Bailon Tamar Braxton

Adrienne Bailon defended herself against rampant rumors that she was the backstabber who got Tamar Braxton fired from daytime talk show, The Real.

As you know, producers of The Real got tired of Braxton’s Diva antics and showed her the door on Friday.

But, like a typical narcissist, Braxton blamed others for her troubles rather than accept responsibility for her own bad behavior.

Braxton’s social media followers took the bait and assumed Bailon was the one behind Braxton’s ouster from the show.

In response to an Instagram user’s inquiry on Monday, Bailon wrote:

“You guys are so dumb. She never UNFOLLOWED me. Stop watching talk shows that don’t have correct info! Check for YOURSELF! Jesus. Smh.”

Bailon’s boyfriend, gospel singer Israel Houghton, also put in his 2 cents worth.

Addressing another IG user, Houghton wrote:

“Look again. Wendy [Williams] was wrong. [Tamar] never unfollowed. They are sisters and the best of friends. Cmon…”

Normally, celebrities rely on their publicists to do damage control. But this is the age of social media. Celebrities are saving their coins and containing damage on their own.

Is it working?

Who do you believe?