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The 2016 Met Gala Ball lost $3 million even before the celebrities began their annual procession of pomp and splendor on Monday night.

According to's Roger Friedman, the Met Ball -- which he described as an "assemblage of high (Oscar winners) and very low culture (Kardashians)" -- lost millions catering to Anna Wintour's hand picked celebrity friends.

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Showbiz411 -- I just looked back at the last three tax filings for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it’s pretty interesting.

The Ball brings in a steady amount of donations to the Museum every year– around $11 million. After the museum contribution is deducted from the tickets, the Ball made $119,500 in 2013 (that’s the last public record– there’s nothing posted so far for last year or the year before).

But wait just a minute: the Met Ball in 2013 had direct expenses of $3.2 million. That’s the actual cost of putting this extravaganza on. (Unknown is what costs are hidden. In the clip below, one of Wintour’s aides talks about “how expensive” it is to host Rihanna, for example.)

  • King Playa

    millions lost? Who? If it was my ball...auntie doing the hair, sister on makeup. Cuz on security.etc. lol what a waste...


    anna wintour = taylor swift in 7-10 years, or nah...

  • askquestions

    Watching you as an Afro-American think how uninvolved in certain things we are (on the inside, or as creators of internationally recognized events, not just as guest), and how disconnected from our own essence we are?

  • Yardgirl

    Tickets are $30,000 each or $275,000 for a table! HOWEVER old horse face Wintour has final say on each attendee!! If I was able to finagle my company to buy a table, there would be no guarantee that I would be able to attend. Oh really?? It's not even about the fundraising anymore, it's a who's who that can make the final cut event. Whatevs.

  • side_i

    Ummmmm I'm not following??

  • bemetoo

    Beyonce look like she wore a ghey mans used condom

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Dear Anna, these are not your friends. Thank you for understanding.

  • iWasteTime

    So Roger Friedman was off the list, all I got from this petty queen!

  • Blue

    Who did this???

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    I take it the celebs aren't contributing to the ahhhts.

  • Jusstlookn

    people saving their coins to buy ridiculous clothing

  • Jusstlookn

    Hey lady

  • harley_quinn2.0

    I kinda like Solange's Michellin man get up

  • ShelleDC

    And nobody getting paid. Food is your payment!!

  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    I feel in my soul that I could slay the Met Gala. Who is with me? Let's get a table for next year and spend the rest of this year becoming famous for nothing so we end up on the blogs when we show up.

  • SameoleJ

    So they just going to do a sister night out and be missing the middle sister?

  • SameoleJ

    Anna to Robert.................

  • SameoleJ

    How can you tell the difference between a ghey man's used condom and a straight one's? Pretty sure, it don't matter if ghey or straight, they pearls are going to fall off.

  • Kash Johnson

    It's way more things we as a people could be interested in spending money on or donating our time to other than a met gala, even if the proceeds go to a museum....that helps the communities the attendees are from how? Beyoncé is from Houston and I heard no mention of here when we had the flood last month that killed I believe 8 or 9 people. Point I'm making is make your money count.

  • side_i

    And start a lip stick line that claims to have black girl magic in it

  • That’s Interesting

    Beyonce should really tell Solange how ridiculous she looks. I'm tired of it, and I know she has to be too. Solange used to be...attractive. Hate to see her waste the pretty.

  • jazmine

    It's supposed to be a fund raising thing but they lose money paying for all of the celebs Ana wants there, like last year they spent all of that money to get Rihanna to show up and perform they didn't break even this year they lost some money.

  • Orchidjones

    ok, I am not feeling Solange's W.I.C and food stamp egg carton get up above....oh the horror.

    That is a monstrosity.

  • SameoleJ

    W.I.C and food stamp egg carton---what is that? cause my egg cartons look like that and I don't get either. Oh you tried to make a funny.........FAIL!!

  • Orchidjones

    ummm, no i didnt try to make any funnies here boo boo, sorry you didn't catch on.

  • SameoleJ

    So what exactly is the difference between a W.I.C and food stamp egg carton and any other one?

  • starbright9449

    What does Beyonce and Solange have to do with this article? If Ana had any issue with them she would have banned them and Jay. You remember, like how she didn't want Kim there and Kanye had to butter her up.

  • Orchidjones

    These crates usually are for bulk buys or when you are buying for large families. These Eggs can be bought with food stamps and used through W.I.C....

    Anything else I can get for you or answer?

  • Slap Yo Daddy

    And this is why you will see more of them dead

    The elite invest so much money in them but can't make their money back unless they are dead

    They're worth more dead than alive

  • SameoleJ

    Or you can buy them at BJ's . Sam's, WalMart, etc. in bulk and with......wait for it........CASH from working.

    Thanks for the miseducation.

  • Orchidjones

    You must have a fly up your butt or something..... you need to take it easy. Since I've posted on here you always have smart crap to say behind me... take it easy.

  • SameoleJ

    When did you start posting, cause I honestly don't remember seeing your name, but anyway.......I asked why would it have to be a W.I.C and food stamp egg carton, as opposed to just an egg carton. What is the harm in that?

  • Orchidjones

    I've been posting, I just put a picture to a name most recently. But honey I recognize shade when I read it. There is no harm in opposing to whatever you want, but your opposition is to belittle and embarrass. That isn't cool. You don't like what I post, it is all good but why be shady to let ME know the difference between wic/food stamp, and cash by saying I mis-educated you? Your Toche'... If you knew, what was the point of asking me anyways...

  • Sucker Free

    In my mind i be at all these events, killing em!!

    They be scramblin like WHO is THAT


  • SameoleJ

    Sweetie, you have been reading entirely too much into what I post. If I am speaking of you, I will say subliminal comments over here. So that shade you speak of is self created, because I am not giving it to you. To me an egg carton is an egg carton, whether it was gotten with WIC, food stamps or cash. Which is why I posed that question to you. And it is Touché.


    so are y'all Done or y'all FINISH.. *giggles.(sorry, I just had to do it) now back to regular programing!

  • Sainthella

    Isn't three years ago when she start letting reality starts attend

  • Orchidjones

    Your comment was directed towards me because you replied to me...and it was shade. Point blank. Whatever you feel gets you through the day of belittling posters, then ok have your fun. It's good. I also don't need an English lesson from you since I am typing from my phone with you using phrases as...'it was gotten'. Mistakes happen when typing and using devices.

  • Orchidjones

    lolol, Nothing to see here...just a little banter back and forth, but I have all day in between work, so I don't think we're done. I am awaiting responses.

  • Low E. {CIRCA 1908}


  • Di Ana

    the Met Ball — which he described as an “assemblage of high (Oscar winners) and very low culture (Kardashians)”
    RiRi knew what she was doing by not attending. She don't want to attach herself to the above mention. You go RiRi!!!!!

  • T3


  • GoodTayst

    Say what you want but Rihanna was greatly missed....

  • bemetoo

    Ugh I'm 10000% positive that when a guy pulls out not much residue is on the condom but when a guy pulls out on another guy I'm sure the dack will have pearl shiit stains blood and more???

  • Jamal Warner

    I do not look at as we are not being uninvolved, but we are not included like the oscars.

  • Rarechild93

    Bluebloods withholding that "Old Money" is why Auntie Anna is taking a big hit. True uppity bluebloods aint got time for the messy shenanigans, wannabes, overused reality stars OR folk who look at you like you speaking Mandarin when the subject of Opera, VanGogh or Ballet is on the table. Did anyone notice that when Auntie got a lil ghetto with the invites the real vested donors started dropping off?!?! Cheapen anything and it will be just that cheap. # KanyeShrug

  • Rarechild93


  • Lisa Daniels

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  • Empress

    O000h nooooooo. Whyyyyyy she have to ask? And whyyyyyy did you have THAT answer? I just Died and it was painful!

  • Empress

    She reminded me of the egg crate studio foam. I'm usually with her, but I'ma sit this one out.

  • Empress


  • Hummingbird_225

    I was thinking a coffee filter or cupcake paper ???

  • kekeb

    Rich people problems. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to get a part time job to help pay these student loans. Ijs

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Yew mean it's more than one kind of egg carton? :blink:

  • Tea???

    Remember when Anna couldn't stand the kardashians and Kim came dressed as a couch? guess that was her initiation in because her mom and 2 sisters tagged along this year. Other than what's posted on the blogs I don't follow the gala I figured it was one of those A list events that the super elite in Hollywood only attended but it looks like the real celebrities (bey & a few others aside) don't go to this event anymore because now anyone can get an invite so now they fill it up with D list rappers and reality tv h03s ? Do better Anna

  • S. Williams

    pretty sure most of the HAVES decided to bail and rescind their donations once she caved and allowed the Kardashians to come. The Kardashians may be a household name but not in the way that they think they are. Most people watch them or know them so they know who to NOT be like and who NOT to invite. Kendall is the only one that gets respect from those not buying into their brand

  • bemetoo

    Lol ?? bless your soul

  • Amel

    The MET Gala went from hosting the top players in high fashion to inviting every celebrity. Like the are people like Tyga and Nicki Minaj there? Kylie Jenner? These people have nothing to do with high fashion.

  • SunRiseBlossom

    That is the ugliest azz dress I have every seen... #BeyonceAcneDress

  • SunRiseBlossom

    LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll are something else...

  • Monday

    Food and "exposure" like they say in the music industry

  • lovelygamour

    I had this same convo about a month ago. It got so bad I had to ask them ignore my comments. Lol.

  • lovelygamour

    A lister were there but they didnt get any press. Thats whats killing the gala. In the past Money familys got their pictures took along with celebs now they dont get a mention. Diana vreeland is mad from the grave. Nicole kidman wss there and all e talked about were jenners n hadids.

  • Orchidjones

    I'm sorry you had to go through that lovelygamour. Hey I just love everyone, I am not a a person to have beef, esp over keyboard courage or computer screen, I am just here like everyone else posting. It's not butt kissing either. You don't have to know me or like me and/or my posts or things you may seem-not funny...I may even make a spelling error or 2 now and again. <<notice how I am pointing out all the issues that were addressed<<< But if putting someone in "their place" and showing them to make whatever point you need to make your day move along or gives someone a sense of satisfaction because there is nothing else to do is ok by me.

  • Orchidjones

    I'm sorry you had to go through that lovelygamour. Hey I just love
    everyone, I am not a a person to have beef, esp over keyboard courage or
    computer screen, I am just here like everyone else posting. It's not
    butt kissing either. You don't have to know me or like me and/or my
    posts or things you may seem-not funny...I may even make a spelling
    error or 2 now and again. (notice how i am pointing
    out all the issues that were addressed...)
    but if putting someone in their place and showing them to make whatever point you need
    to make your day move along or gives someone
    a sense of satisfaction because there is nothing else to do is ok by me.

  • lovelygamour

    Yeah, im sorry you had to go through that as well. I was going to let it go but i didnt want you to feel alone. Lol.

  • Orchidjones

    (=) ) Honey, I always prepare myself to walk a tough Cyber World out!

  • tawnysdesire

    So the rich people prom didn't bring in any coin this year?
    Maybe next year Anna...dont invite tygas girl friend Blue Indonesia and the sister that doesn't want to be involved with them.

  • Emily post

    Lol Anna Wintour fell off within the last few years with her choices on who she put on the cover of Vogue. Due to the fact she was slumming with reality tv stars she fell out of favor. They called her dated and is showing her age. Guess the reports were right.

  • Janessa Tallegrand

    Anna Wintour opened the door to that slimy Kanye and Kim Kardashian and ever since then I have NO interest in Vogue or the now quite "ghetto" Met Gala. What an imbecile to have ruined it for the fast buck she made off Kanye.

  • Janessa Tallegrand

    I think the clothes designers must pay to have their creations shown. I know damn well that Kanye and any Kardashian or Jenner would die before paying one thin dime to attend.

  • Janessa Tallegrand

    OMG! LMAO!

  • Janessa Tallegrand

    She is a bitch. Bored and lonely and looking for an outlet for her anger and frustration. Pay her no mind, she is trifling.

  • Janessa Tallegrand

    Feel better? Now go take your meds and cry yourself to sleep, lonely girl.

  • Janessa Tallegrand

    Why has she not been replaced?

  • bemetoo

    You know its true..blood and shit stains and pearls???

  • bemetoo