marlo hampton

Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran Marlo Hampton thought she was supporting equality by wearing an ‘I Love My Redneck Boyfriend’ Confederate flag T-shirt and posting a pic of the shirt on Instagram. She quickly snatched the image down and apologized after she was dragged to Hail and back.

Hampton posted a video explaining that music industry executive Catherine Brewton invited her to her first NASCAR stock car racing event — and she was only showing her appreciation by purchasing a Confederate flag t-shirt from a vendor at the track.

Hampton claimed not to know the Confederate flag shirt would inflame passions, despite the Confederate flag controversy that divided the country last summer.

She also tried her followers by hijacking the Gay Agenda’s “Love who you love” mantra — as if loving a southern white gentleman is synonymous with wearing the archaic Confederate flag.

“…Once again, I truly apologize. Love who you want to love. This is America. Freedom of Speech. I love you guys,” she said.

marlo hampton

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