Alexandria Duval

A judge dropped second degree murder charges against Alexandria Duval, a Hawaii yoga instructor accused of driving her car off a cliff, killing her identical twin sister, Anastasia Duval.

On Wednesday Judge Blaine Kobayashi said there was no probable cause to hold Alexandria on a second degree murder charge.

The judge dropped the charge and ordered Alexandria released from jail. But her defense attorney, Todd Eddins, said she is still in jail on a warrant for missing a hearing on a drunken disorderly charge in December.

The 37-year-old twins were traveling north in a Ford Explorer on a perilously narrow road overlooking the ocean in Maui, when the SUV suddenly veered left, crashed into a wall and careened off a cliff.

The vehicle landed on its side on the jagged rocks below.

A witnesses told police he saw the 2 women fighting over the steering wheel, and the passenger (Anastasia) pulling the driver’s hair just before the vehicle went over the cliff.

Anastasia, who legally changed her name to Ann Dadow, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her sister, also known as Alison Dadow, was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition.

Alexandria was arrested at a Seaside hotel on Friday. She was in court with her arm in a sling on Monday.

Eddins told KHON that his client had hoped to travel to upstate NY in time to attend her sister’s funeral.

Palm Beach vendors accused the twins of skipping town without paying their employees or the vendors after a reality TV show deal fell through and their once-popular yoga business failed.

The sisters legally changed their names in 2014 to write a book together. They filed for bankruptcy claiming $150,000 in debt, including bank loans for 2 Porsche Boxsters.

The twins had a history of alcohol-fueled public disorderly incidents in several states.

Federico Bailey, Anastasia’s boyfriend, told a media outlet that the twins had been drinking hard on Memorial Day. He said the sisters fought and hit each other the day of the crash.

Bailey blamed alcohol for changing the twins’ usually “charming” personalities.