LaFranca Devon Hollins

I couldn’t help but notice a conversation between 2 loyal readers this morning in an old post I wrote about a confidence artist who impersonated a doctor in Atlanta.

A loyal reader, whose name I won’t reveal, updated the post 9 months ago with a story of her own about another confidence artist named LaFranca Devon Hollins.

Mr. Hollins apparently travels the country scamming unsuspecting women out of their money.

During his journey, Hollins has collected a cornucopia of mugshots while breaking women’s hearts throughout the southeast. He’s obviously a charmer who cleans up nicely when he’s not wearing prison-issued gear.

Remember I cautioned you ladies that Dopamine is a powerful brain chemical that renders us deaf and blind when we believe we are “in love.”

Always ask a disinterested 3rd party (friend or relative) to give you their honest opinion about a man, since you are not capable of seeing him for who he is while you’re under the influence of Dopamine.

Hollins, who is still married to one of his victims, bonded out of jail in May and is now living in Arizona, according to one loyal reader who deleted her comments this morning.

According to the other loyal reader who did not delete her comments, Hollins has a long list of outstanding warrants in Alabama for deception and fraud.

“He was in the process of scamming other women as he was cheating but we all came together and gathered info,” she wrote. “He was writing a deposit check to our joint account with a check he knew wouldn’t clear. He bought me a fake ring, lied and said he was a Kappa from Georgia Tech and played for the Patriots for 11 years and went on to be coaching at Alabama, which was all a lie.”

She added:

“Ladies be careful cause I’m sure he’s on the move for his new victims. I’ve moved on and am very happy now with a real God fearing and honest man. I’ll be glad to share info with whomever wants it.

He’s already going around saying that everyone is lying on him. Well based on my interaction with him I have a lot of real truth and financial despair to show for it. He still has pending warrants for writing bogus checks so watch your money. Don’t fall for the charm and phony sincerity.

He’s gonna lie about his age what he does and had done. Do a full background check. He has more mugshots in multiple states than the law allows yet he claims everyone is lying about the same thing. He plays on a woman’s basic need for love and destroys it. Everywhere he goes its like he hurts everyone he meets. Male or female. He doesn’t care.

Oh, and if he sits in a car talking about he’s on conference calls, its a lie. He’s talking to women making plans and scamming. He has people send him money via western union or moneygram. Simply this just ruuuuuuuuun.”