Steph Curry Roni Rose

Loyal reader Lexi wrote in to inquire about Steph Curry‘s body language in the above photo.

She called it correctly when she said Curry is leaning away from Instagram model Roni Rose because he doesn’t want to get caught out there with a thirsty groupie.

And to Ayesha Curry‘s little helpers who keep emailing me saying this image is Photoshopped, you haven’t proven your case.

How do I know the picture you’re sending me as proof isn’t Photoshopped?

Lexi writes:

That picture you posted of Steph and the groupie is too legit, but I was wondering if you can do a body language post because ole girl is hanging onto him for dear life and he’s leaning his head all the way back almost like he’s saying bitch we really shouldn’t be seen together.

I like Ayesha, but she is insecure and goes above and beyond to let everyone know she’s in a solid marriage based on Christ. She shouldn’t have engaged by posting those subliminals on Instagram.