freddie gray

It’s beginning to look like none of the Baltimore officers charged with Freddie Gray’s Death will be held accountable.

The police van driver, Ofc. Caesar Goodson, who allegedly took Gray on a “rough ride” to a police precinct last year was found not guilty on all charges today.

Gray is the 25-year-old Baltimore resident who died a week after suffering a severed spine during the rough ride in the back of a police van on April 12, 2015.

Six officers in all were charged in Gray’s death. 3 of those officers have been acquitted, 1 was declared a mistrial.

Goodson faced the more serious charges in the death of Gray. He was charged with 7 crimes, from 2nd degree murder to reckless endangerment.

But he walked free this morning after the judge ruled the prosecutor’s office did not prove its case on any of the charges.

Both Gray and Goodson are black.

The city of Baltimore reached a $6.4 million settlement with Gray’s family last year.