Omar Mateen

Liberal media outlets continue to report unverified claims that Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was gay.

The leftwing media is desperate to distract the public’s attention away from Mateen’s Islamic extremism by claiming he was a closeted homosexual who hated his inner gay.

So far, not one media outlet has provided any substantive proof other than hearsay from gay men who have their own agendas.

Kevin West, of Orlando, claims he communicated with Mateen for nearly a year on the gay dating app Jac’d. Yet West could not provide a username for Mateen or any other information about Mateen’s supposed profile on Jac’d.

In fact, none of the men can provide a username for Mateen, whom they claim to have communicated with other gay apps. The media conveniently leaves this information out of their daily articles on Mateen’s supposed “closeted” lifestyle.

According to USA Today, Hector Camacho, CEO of Jack’d parent company Online Buddies said the service has been unable to substantiate claims that Mateen ever had a profile on Jac’d.

USA Today — On Tuesday, Jack’d was approached by a television news show that wanted to schedule a joint interview with West and a spokesperson from the company, said Jack’d director of marketing Kevin Letourneau.

The news show sent Jack’d what was supposed to be a screen shot of Mateen’s profile on the site, which had been sent from one of its sources. The show wanted to confirm that the image hadn’t been doctored, said Letourneau.

However, the image was deemed to be a hoax because given what appeared in the image, Jack’d was able to determine that it was actually a photo uploaded to the sender’s own account and had not been sent from another account.

“Anyone could be uploading photos that they find, pretending to be someone else,” said Letourneau.

Don’t expect the leftwing media to report this story. The media has their marching orders.