Sadiq Khan Barack Obama

Picture this: America’s 1st Muslim President Barack Obama writes an executive order making Sharia law the law of the land. All women (that includes you) would be forced to wear hijabs and stand in the back of the room.

That’s exactly what’s happening in London, England, where the citizenry elected its first Muslim Mayor.

Mayor Sadiq Khan didn’t waste any time asserting his cultural ideologies on the citizenry who elected him.

His first order of business was to remove all signage from buses that shows women wearing skimpy bikinis or exposing more skin than their wrists or ankles.

Then this week, during a speech in Manchester to support the EU ‘Remain’ campaign, Mayor Khan ordered all hijab-wearing women to stand in the back. Not one woman was observed standing in the front with the men.

It is Islamic tradition for all women to cover their bodies in the presence of men. Under Sharia Law women must respect their men and their modesty.

If Obama succeeds in resettling enough refugees in the U.S.; and if those refugees should succeed in overthrowing the government; and if Obama elects himself to an unprecedented (and illegal) 3rd term as president… Well, you get the picture.