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Nicki Minaj caused a near riot when she arrived for a meet and greet in northwest London on Sunday, July 10.

The Barbie was in London, England where she headlined the Wireless Music Festival.

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The rapper was due to give an impromptu meet and greet in Camden, but arrived 3 hours late.

Screaming fans tried to block her stretch limo. Roads were closed after the situation became very dangerous as fans jumped on the hood of her limo!

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There were so many people in the street that she couldn't get into the venue, so she left the area as fans chased her limo down the street! Nicki showed up 30 minutes later and caused chaos by walking down the street!

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The rap superstar was escorted by dozens of officers through a crowd of ecstatic fans who just wanted a glimpse of her. She was emotionally touched by the wild reception she received in London.

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Earlier that day, Nicki Minaj dismissed Internet rumors saying she is pregnant with her second child.

While answering questions on Instagram Live ahead of the concert, a fan asked, "Are you pregnant?"

Nicki replied:

"Am I pregnant? Oh, I did mean to tweet this: I'm not fat, y'all, I'm pregnant. Oh wait. Did I say it wrong? I'm sorry. I think I said it wrong. I meant to say I'm not pregnant, I'm fat. But thanks, guys, for all the congratulatory messages."

Watch the video below.

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A bystander who witnessed a man violently stabbing a woman outside a school got into his car and mowed down the killer.

Wafah Chkaifi, 43, was fatally stabbed by her ex-boyfriend Leon McCaskre, 41, moments after she dropped off her two children at school on Monday morning.

The horrific incident happened at 9 a.m. at a school in Maida Vale, West London.

Another parent who witnessed the stabbing got into his car and mowed down McCaskre near the school.

Police arrested the driver, a 26-year-old man, on suspicion of murder but he has since posted bond.

Heartbroken family members called the driver a "hero" for attempting to intervene and save Chkaifi, who filed for a restraining order after years of abuse.

"The man who killed my sister is a demon. The man who killed him is a hero. He deserves a medal from the queen," a family member told The Sun UK newspaper.

"There is no way he should go through the justice system for what he did. He tried to help her and for my sister and our family he is a hero."

The family member said McCaskre had a court date for violating a restraining order against him.

"He was supposed to be in court last week for breaching a stalking order but didn't show up. My sister even has a panic alarm in her flat to protect herself from him. The police are aware of his past but this still happened. He was a demon. He was a monster but the driver is a hero. He saw what was happening and tried to stop it. I want to say thank you again."

Her son added: "Everyone who knew my mum knows she was a good woman. She didn't deserve this. Keep her in your prayers."

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Four boys died in a house fire in London, Metropolitan police confirm. The two sets of twins, ages 3 and 4, were left home alone in the row house on Collingwood Road in Sutton at around 7 p.m. Thursday.

60 firefighters arrived within 3 minutes and fire crews entered the property. The four boys -- Kyson and Bryson, 4, and Leyton and Logan, 3, were located quickly and fire crews performed CPR.

"The children were taken to a local hospital. And, sadly, those four children died later that evening," London Fire Brigade Deputy Commissioner Richard Mills said. "The cause of the fire is currently unknown and we have fire investigation teams on scene at present along with the Metropolitan Police to determine the cause of the fire."

Scotland Yard confirmed police arrested the boys' 27-year-old mother on suspicion of child neglect for leaving the minors home alone. She remains in custody.

The boys' father, Dalton Hoath, is reportedly "devastated" and inconsolable.

"My son has been up all night and he's shattered," said Jason Hoath. "He's trying to get some sleep. He's not in a good way as you can imagine."

"I've lost four grandchildren and he's lost his kids as well. It's all the more heartbreaking because their presents were all piled under the tree ready for them."

The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

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5 Black males have been arrested in connection with the shooting of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson.

Metropolitan police announced the arrests of five males, ages 17, 18, 19, 25, and 28, on suspicion of attempted murder.

Johnson, 27, was shot in the head at a party in London early Sunday. She is listed in critical condition.

Police say Johnson was not targeted and her shooting was random.

"We are aware of Sasha's involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK," Commander Alison Heydari said. "We are also not aware of any reports of threats made against her prior to this incident.

Johnson attended a garden party with approximately 30 guests at 3 a.m. when a shot rang out.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Leonard said "four black males wearing dark clothing" gained entry into the garden and in the ensuing chaos a weapon discharged, striking Johnson.

The suspects then fled the garden and dispersed into the surrounding neighborhood.


A British woman said she was threatened with a police visit to her home if she didn't download a Covid-19 tracking app.

According to LockdownSkeptics.org, the woman from Skipton tested positive for COVID-19 and immediately self-isolated in her home.

What followed was a flurry of 20 texts from the National Health Service (NHS) demanding that she download the NHS "track and trace" App.

She refused to download the app since she is already self-isolating. Her refusal prompted a phone call from the Test and Trace system. The caller threatened her with a "police check at your address if you do not download the app."

According to Zerohedge.com, the track and trace app is "completely voluntary" and authorities have no grounds to enforce downloads.

England and Wales are under emergency "Tier 3" lockdowns which means everything is shut down except hospitals and grocery stores.

Residents are stopped at the entrance to grocery stores by police who ask them what they plan to purchase inside. Only "essential items" may be purchased. Items such as cakes, sanitary napkins, makeup, books and clothing are not considered essential items.

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London is also banning protests of more than two people. It is unlawful to gather in large crowds to demonstrate against London's restrictive lockdowns.

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Protests such as this Black Lives Matter demonstration on June 20 are outlawed in London, England, at least until December.


Cops raided the set of singer Dua Lipa's upcoming music video after concerned locals reported the star for violating lockdown rules.

According to British tabloid The Sun, the "New Rules" star was accompanied by a large crew on the set in Shoreditch, east London, on Wednesday night.

According to onlookers, Dua and her crew didn't adhere to social distancing regulations.

"Dua and her entourage were having the time of their lives, but for those living around them it was a nightmare," the locals said. "It looked as though the people on the shoot were breaking rules and social distancing was totally out of the question.


"There were extras and what appeared to be dancers swarming around. Some people looked as though they were drinking too, so it ended up being quite rowdy," the source added.

"People in the area are respecting the law, so to see a pop star openly break it was poor form. Someone called the police. It was late at night and deserted there but, ultimately, it's a smack in the face for locals who had to listen to it going on."

It's not the first time the artist has been criticized for not following coronavirus rules. In August, the "Physical" hitmaker came under fire for attending a large social gathering in California during the pandemic.

Dua, a 25-year-old Libra, worked as a waitress in London while living on her own at age 15. She gained fame by posting cover songs on YouTube.

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The two-time Grammy winner began dating Anwar Hadid, Bella and Gigi's little brother, in 2019. Anwar and Dua are seen strolling in Soho in New York City on September 29, 2020.


Julian Assange's freedom came to an abrupt end early Thursday after seven years in hiding. The grey bearded Wikileaks founder was dragged out of the Ecuadorean Embassy in handcuffs after Ecuador lost patience with him for "repeated violations" of international conventions and daily life protocols.

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Harry Uzoka

Fans of Nigerian-born British model Harry Uzoka are still reeling from the news of his tragic death at the hands of 2 rival models.

Nigerian-born models George Koh, 24, and Jonathan Okigbo, 23, were arrested and charged with stabbing the 25-year-old model on January 11 in west London.

Harry was stabbed once in the chest and died before doctors could save him.

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British chanteuse Rita Ora caused a mob scene when she arrived at the 2017 GQ Men of the Year Awards at Tate Modern in London, England on Tuesday night. The awards show was held in the singer's stomping grounds. Londoners hold Rita in the same regard as American singer Beyonce Knowles.

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At least 17 people died and dozens were injured after a blaze roared through the 24-story Grenfell Tower apartments on Latimer Road in London, England on Wednesday, June 14.

Authorities expect the death toll to rise as 37 people are being treated in hospitals with 17 listed in critical condition.

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R&B crooner Usher Raymond was noticeably missing from the One Love Manchester benefit concert in Manchester, England on Sunday.

The 38-year-old father-of-2 wisely skipped the concert after 7 people were killed and 48 injured during coordinated terrorist attacks in London, England on Saturday.

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