Magic City

Magic City strip club passed a re-inspection by the health department this week after failing badly following a recent surprise inspection.

Georgia Dept. of Public Health inspector Jeffrey Rountree inspected the adult establishment on June 7.

He found a laundry list of new violations and unsanitary conditions at the popular strip club located at 241 Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta.

The strip club and restaurant received a failing grade of 54 and a ‘U’ for unsatisfactory following the June 7 inspection.

The violations included improper cooking temperature; improperly labeled food stored in open containers; moldy food; no soap or paper towels in the dispensers; potatoes stored on the floor, etc.

But the restaurant portion of the club passed re-inspection with a grade of 98 on Wednesday, according to the

In addition to serving drinks, Magic City serves chicken wings and burgers in its restaurant at the site.